Where Can I Store my Belongings While I Move?

The idea of storing your extra belongings prior to moving might seem counterproductive, but the reality is, it can be a major timesaver. This is especially true if the Simi Valley movers you hired provide you with a storage unit for moving or a portable storage unit. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider using a storage unit.

Portable Storage Solution

When you use a portable storage solution, like the storage bunkers used by Attention 2 Detail, you can pack your valuable, essential items in a safe container that is placed in a secured, climate-controlled facility. When you are ready to have all of those essential items brought to your new residence, a simple phone call is all that is typically required to schedule a delivery.

Storage Lockers Or Units

If you would prefer to move your belongings yourself, but need a little extra room in order to do so, you could look into renting a storage locker or unit. These types of storage units require you to purchase your own lock to protect your belongings and provide a secure environment for your belongings. If the units are located outdoors, you may have 24-hour access to your belongs through remote gate access. You typically get a access code once you obtain your unit from the provider.

Storage units are more than just places to store your extra junk. They’ve actually turned into that extra corner in the attic or basement that most growing families need. Before you decide to select a storage facility to store your belongings, check and see if your Simi Valley movers and packers offer storage and what the monthly rates are for their storage solutions.

If you are looking to use a storage unit for moving, turn to the Attention 2 Detail Moving Company, the Simi Valley moving experts.