What Type Of Lacrosse Equipment Do I Need For My Backyard?

You just started playing lacrosse, or your child just started playing, and you want to be the absolute best lacrosse player out there! Well, once you bought your lacrosse stick, lacrosse gloves, lacrosse helmet, lacrosse shoulder pads, lacrosse arm pads, cleats, and oh ya balls–you’ve got to practice right?

In every sport around the globe, throughout the history of time the best athletes have always been those who practice the most. Well, we are here to make sure you know what lacrosse equipment to buy to make sure you get the best practice possible! We’ve also provided you some helpful resources: two buying guides, one on how to buy the right lacrosse rebounder for you and second being how to choose the right lacrosse backstop!

Let’s start with wall ball. If you haven’t heard of wall ball yet, basically all you do is take your lacrosse stick and ball to a wall at a local school or building and simply pass the ball to the wall. Since lacrosse balls are bouncy, the ball will bounce right back to your stick. Do it over and over for 30 minutes or so! If you want to get tricky, try passing some balls behind your back, or bouncing them off the ground first. Over time, your muscle memory will develop so passing and catching eventually feels like second nature to you out on the lacrosse field!

The 3 Pieces of Lacrosse Equipment You Need to for Your Backyard!

1. Lacrosse Rebounder

As mentioned above, playing wall ball is immensely important to the growth of your lacrosse skills. If its difficult for you to find a great wall to practice on, we recommend investing in a lacrosse rebounder. A lacrosse rebounder stands about 8 feet tall, and provides a substitute wall for you! Simply stand a few feet away, throw the ball at the lax rebounder, and it will be returned to you! To help make purchasing a lacrosse rebounder easier, we suggest looking at Lacrosse Scoop’s Lacrosse Rebounder Buying Guide.

2. Lacrosse Backstop 

So obviously practicing shooting is very important to the growth and development of your lax skills. But if you are new, you might miss the net a lot. If you are shooting dozens of balls at a time, then you end up shagging a lot of balls if you miss a lot! Also, if you are shooting in your backyard, then you tend to miss and hit your fence, house, or even someone else! To avoid these issues, purchasing a lacrosse backstop is your answer. It is a net that you place behind your lacrosse goal which will stop any errant shots from flying away! Again, to help make your search for a lacrosse backstop easier, Lacrosse Scoop wrote an article on where to buy the best lacrosse backstop!

3. Lacrosse Goal

If you are on offense, then you need to get a lacrosse goal. One of the most beneficial skills to hone if you are on offense is to shoot the ball well. Lacrosse shots range from 70-100+ miles per hour, and accuracy is very important. Therefore, getting a lacrosse goal will allow you to practice some shooting drills, ranging from speed drills to accuracy drills.

There you have it, the 3 pieces of equipment you need in your backyard to help elevate your lax game. Good luck!