What To Expect With Dental Implants

The process of getting dental implants has improved significantly over time. Thanks to advances in technology, you can get implants that look natural and that will help you to feel confident about your smile once again. Many patients like this idea better than a partial denture that they have to take in and out of their mouth. They want something that is permanent and that is what they have found in this particular opportunity.

Before this can be done, the tooth that will be replaced has to be removed. A temporary tooth that you can take in and out will be provided until the actual implant can be completed. This helps to prevent shifting of other teeth during the process. It also helps with the physical appearance of the mouth. No one wants to be walking around without a tooth here or there while they wait for the process to be completed.

The difference between a dental implant and a denture is the way in which it is secured in the mouth. While a denture is put into place with an adhesive, a dental implant is secured to the bone and it isn’t removable. In order for this to occur, there is a process where the gums are cut and the bone exposed. A dental post is put into place once the area has healed enough to support it. If the bone is weak, a bone graft could be required for the implant to be successful.

The bone around the dental post has to start to grow and to be strong for the implant to be put into place. It can take up to six months for this to occur and for it to be strong enough to support the introduction of dental implants in Las Vegas. Great care has to be taken to ensure the process is done correctly to prevent infection and to promote healing. You may have to change your diet to soft foods during various intervals of the healing process.

Not everyone is a good candidate for such a procedure, but only a certified dental professional will be able to make such a determination. It doesn’t hurt to schedule free consultations with a few of these professionals in the Las Vegas area. They can take a look at your teeth and your gums to make a decision about what options you have. They can also discuss the procedures, the cost, and the healing involved with each of those options.

Understanding what can be accomplished with dental implants Las Vegas is very important. This means that you can spend time carefully picking the dental office where the work will be done. You can also benefit from free consultations, payment plans, and the best techniques available in order to have a wonderful smile that you will be happy to show off as often as you can. Keep in mind that there are several steps and appointments that will be required in order for the dental implants to be completed.