What to Do Before and After Bariatric Surgery


If you are one of those people who have battled for a while with obesity and excess weight may have tried different methods of weight loss and if you haven’t seen any good level of success you may have considered bariatric surgery as an option. If this describes you, it is also probable that you keep wondering whether there are any changes that you may be required to put in place especially in regards to your diet before and after your bariatric treatment. The following are among the most important changes that you are going to make before and after bariatric surgery in India.

For you to ensure that you have proper nutrition before bariatric surgery you need to:

Work with a registered dietitian: If you insurance company covers the cost of bariatric treatment, they will want proof that you saw a dietician or a specialist in supervised weight loss before they can approve bariatric surgery. Your dietician will work to identify your correct nutritional needs and offer you related education; there is a great relationship between dietary guidance, nutritional assessment and weight loss success through bariatric treatment.

An individualized meal plan: Your dietician will recommend an individualized pre-surgery meal plan that will be based on different factors. Among those things that will determine your meal plan will include your weight history, whether or not you are under any medication, your current nutritional intake, laboratory values as well as your knowledge of nutrition and your willingness to make the required changes

Once you have successfully undergone bariatric surgery in India there things you need to observe so you can ensure a positive healthy outcome including the following:

Dietary adjustments: Soon after bariatric surgery you will begin with a clear liquid diet which will slowly progress to full liquids followed by pureed foods, sift foods before you get back to you regular meals. However, you must take note that your portion sizes will be completely different following bariatric surgery.

Small frequent meals: In most cases your bariatric surgeon is going to recommend that you only take around ¾ of cup of food no more than three times daily in addition to one snack a day as may be required so as to increase your protein intake. It will be important to ensure that your protein intake is kept up in order to maintain lean muscle mass after rapid weight loss; fluid consumption must also be maintained in order to prevent dehydration.

Portion sizes: Bariatric surgery reduces the size of your stomach and this is going to limit the volume of food that your stomach can accommodate; during the initial days you will vomit any time you take more than the required amount of food.