How To Find A Healthy Relationship With Alcohol

Not everyone that drinks alcohol is an addict, or will become an addict. And often, studies out there show the benefits of having a drink here and there. They say red wine is heart healthy (but you should only have a glas a day) and that beer can help lower your risk for things like heart disease.


The key to drinking without becoming an addict, and getting the healthy benefits that come with certain alcoholic beverages, is to drink in moderation. However, if you feel like you have to drink, for whatever reason, or you are using it as a self medication tool, then you just might have a problem, or could be on the way to having one.

Realize The Health Risks

While there are some health benefits to drinking, there are also health risks. You may want to get checked to see if you have a disorder or addiction, when it comes to the use of alcohol. If you are binge drinking you are risking blackouts and permanent brain damage.

Plus, healthy in moderation or not, every drink of alcohol you take is also affecting your body negatively as well, especially your liver. Even people who only drank heavily in their younger years, then quit for many years, can still develop cirrhosis of the liver and die from the previous alcohol use. Moderation is the key.

Are You An Addict?

If moderation isn’t working for you, you might be an addict. Although not all, many addicts become addicted due to underlying issues. Maybe you are self medicating for depression or anxiety, or maybe you just want to block out the thoughts of how your life has gone down the wrong path.

Seek Therapy

If your drinking has gotten out of control, it’s time to get some help. Talk to a doctor, check into rehab, get therapy, and go to meetings. It’s only to late to get help when you’re dead.

Again though, not everyone that drinks is going to become addicted. You can find a middle ground, and drink without it being something you have to do. And, if you’re concerned, you don’t have to be an addict to attend a meeting once in awhile either, to help keep things in perspective.

Choose A Healthy Lifestyle

If you work toward living a healthier lifestyle, with alcohol, it could help you stay out of range of addiction. In this case, you always know how much is too much, and how much may actually be good for you. You drink for the good benefits, not to cover your pain or just to get drunk.

If at any time you think your enjoyment of alcohol is turning into anything more, don’t hesitate to talk to someone.

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