What Money Can Do For You

Money is a must if you want to buy food, keep clothes on you back, and keep a roof over your head. For some people it’s enough to have money just for these specific things, for others it’s important to have money to buy fancy cars, have a pool in their yard, and throw extravagant parties.

What Money Can Do For You

Money can do a lot for you, but you need to be able to get it to use it. That means having a job that pays, have credit cards you can use in a pinch, and having good credit so you can get a loan when you need one. If you’ve been wondering what the point of money is anyway, here is a clue for you.

 Help You Get By

 Money helps you get through each day. It pays for the heat in your home, the electricity you use to see by, and it allows you to have the money you need to buy clothing and other necessary items to help you get through each day. Money is a necessity if you want to be a normal functioning part of society.

Nothing you need to live comes for free. Even digging for food in a trash can and squatting in an abandoned building can get you a fine.

Help You Get A Home

 And, if you want a roof over your head you need to rent one or buy one, which needs money. Renting requires that you have good credit and income enough that can cover your monthly rent and other bills.

If you want to buy a home you’re still going to need good credit. You’re also going to need a decent amount of money in a savings account (part of it to be used for your down payment).

 Help You Travel

 Money gets you to and from work. It gets your children to and from school. Money is needed if you want to travel, at all, unless the only places you intend to go are within walking distance of your home.

If you own a vehicle, instead of using public transportation, you also need to have car insurance and gas money, among other things. Vehicle ownership definitely isn’t cheap.

 Keep Food On Your Plate

 Money also keeps you and your family fed.The healthier you want to eat the more expensive it can seem like food is, but it is a wise expense. Instead of filling your cupboards with junk food you should be buying fruits and vegetables to use as snacks.

You can also save money on food, and be a wiser spender and eater, by making more meals at home and eating out less. Why waste money on stuff that makes you fat and makes you need to spend more on doctor visits?