In choosing carpets for the home, oftentimes the carpet performance and durability suffer for the choices of decorative and matching paint colors purposes. Most likely, the first consideration for most carpet buyers is carpet color. However, it is basic to put in mind that you should first look for a carpet style that is built with endurance and then choose carpet color based on the color hues available. Therefore, the carpet color selection should next be based on the purpose you hope to achieve with your new carpet installation.

There are several tips that may help you in choosing the right carpet in your home. For instance, the area that is walked across more results in a greater danger of spills, stains and tracked-in dirt. For hallways and living areas taking the worst beatings, darker-colored rugs are preferable, while it is not recommended at all to use any carpet in the kitchen, regardless of the color.

It is also well to consider the spaces of the rooms where the carpet is placed. A carpet color can either brighten up a dark room or tone down a too-light spaces. Red is a perfect choice for darker rooms and hallways. It wears well and tends not to show stains as badly as some of the lighter colors. For rooms that have excessive sunlight, you need to consider fading, a problem that is more obvious with dark carpets.

Casual, more-relaxed people tend to favor warmer colors and earth tones. On the other hand, detail-oriented people often prefer blues, blacks, whites, grays and jewel tones. Also, carpets can either blend in to your overall fashion design or one that makes its own fashion statement. A rug can also be the focal point of any room or it can support another object such as a painting or piece of furniture.

If you can not decide which color to choose, pick the color beige. It is a safe color that goes well with white walls but also works with other colors. It is always good to refer back to a color wheel where it is easy to see how the colors interact with each other. You can then play with the intensity (amount of lightness or darkness in the color) and purity in the hue. The colors that fall directly opposite on the color wheel are ideal colors together because they intensify and complement each other.

The floor is the foundation and base for an entire room and its furnishings. It is always wise to use a more neutral colored flooring for the simple reason that it creates a foundation for everything else. When choosing any carpet, always consider color and the ability to hide the little things. A carpet with a little fleck of color is always a good choice as it will hide most dirt or debris until you are ready to clean.

Regular care is essential for maintaining the appearance and wear life of your carpet. The amount of cleaning required depends on how much traffic the area receives, where the carpet is located, and environmental conditions. Routine vacuuming, responding quickly to spills and stains, shampooing and professional cleaning periodically are necessary for maintaining your carpet. Even a poorly constructed carpet will last longer if it is properly maintained.

For a cleaner and healthier home, make it a point to regularly have your carpets and rugs cleaned. While it’s a chore to do it, carpet cleaning is something that should never be neglected. For best results, you can always seek help from a professional carpet cleaning service providers.