What Is Swift? Benefits Of Adopting Swift For iPhone App Development.

Swift is a general-purpose system programming language developed by Apple in 2014 for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch (Frameworks) and iOS application development. It is an open source programming language built using a modern approach to safety, performance, and software design patterns.

The Goal of Apple new programming language is to create the best programming language for uses ranging from systems programming, to mobile and desktop apps. Swift is designed easy to use and make writing and maintaining correct programs easier for the developer than Objective C, it supports a variety of features that lead to better quality code, including strong typing, safe memory management, and implicit namespace.

You can create Swift program using Xcode 6, the latest edition of Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE). Although Swift is a new programming language but developers love it much than Objective C because Swift is much similar to languages such as Ruby and Python.

For example, if you are writing a program and forgot to end your statement with a semicolon can cause errors but with Swift programming language it’s not necessary to end statements with a semicolon just like in python. In Objective C, on the other hand, it’s necessary to do so.

If you cut your programming teeth on Ruby and Python, Swift should appeal to you.

Benefits of Swift:

Swift The best of all:

Scripting language like python is easy to use, write and test but they aren’t particularly powerful and generally don’t perform well. Traditional programming languages, like Objective-C, may enable of developing of more comprehensive apps but very difficult to learn, test and use.

Apple Swift promises to have all better features with none of the bed, it is faster to execute than python and faster even than Objective-C. Swift is better option for iOS app developers to build a secure and fast and clean mobile apps.

Swift is more secure:

Swift is designed for more secure app development for this it eliminates classes of unsafe code. In swift memory is managed automatically and remove garbage collection. You have to initialize variable before use. Array and other elements are checked for overflow. Swift syntax is easier to use and remember keywords like var is used for variables declaration. Swift make entire process of developing apps for the iOS and OS X extremely easy and more importantly safe.

Interactive Playground:

Interactive Playgrounds is one of the main USP of Swift programming language. Swift programming language instantly display the output when you write a line of code in swift program. If you have a loop in your program and want to check and see its progress now with swift you can monitor your loop progress on the timeline assistant. Playgrounds also allows the developers to experiment with the new APIs.

Swift High-speed:

Swift is faster than other app development programming language as its name implies the Swift programming language was built to be fast. The LLVM compiler transforms the Swift code into optimized native code. The LLVM is incredibly quick and high-performing complier. Swift syntax and standard library have also make code perform quickly. Swift is easy to learn and provides an excellent performance and safety compared to the native Objective-C.

Swift handles strings more easily:

In most programming languages String handling drive programmer crazy.  If string handling drives you mad in Objective-C, then you’ll love Swift, because string handling is Swift language is much simpler. You can simple add two string with using += and compare using == operator.

Apple Swift has clean syntax:

Swift is easier to read and code. Swift’s written code does not require semi colon at the end of each line. Function are easier to understand.

Let take an example to understand the swift syntax. If we write a Hello World program in each language you can see that Swift is simpler.

Objective-C: Hello World


#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

int main(void)


NSLog(@”Hello, world!n”);

return 0;


Swift: Hello World

println(“Hello, world!”)

You can download Swift from Mac App Store available as a free. Swift is part of the Xcode IDE (integrated development environment).

Final Words:

Swift is robost, secure, easy to learn and code and fastest programming language and proves it as a revolutionary declare which would be good language platform for iOS and Mac app performance and for mobile app developers.

About the Author:

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