Bring The Beach Home: How To Give Your Home A Coastal Feel


If you are like a lot of people in the world, the beach holds a special place in your heart. The open, salty breeze, the deep blue of the water, and the calming sound of the waves are simply some of the most relaxation-inducing things in the world. Fortunately for you, its very possible to put these beachy elements into your home and relax at the “beach” every day of your life, with the help of a Los Angeles interior designer. Consider including these great elements and features to get the beachy feel you’ve always wanted in your home.

Light and Bright

Keeping things open and light are essential to mimic the beach. Create an open, airy hangout in your living room by letting sunlight into your home at every possible point. Choose linin curtains for their ability to block the sun when needed, but still allow the light to filter through. Pair white slip-covered furniture with rattan accent pieces to keep things casual and fun, but also functional and nice. Finish it all off with a sea grass rug and you’ll find yourself listening for the waves in the distance.

Choose Distressed

Nothing shouts “the beach!” like distressed wood. Mix antique white, distressed pieces with whitewashed and reclaimed throughout your home to mimic the look of driftwood. Your Santa Monica interior designer can be an excellent source of knowledge on how to do this in a balanced, effective way.

Embrace the Hues

The beach is a place filled with a variety of colors, so grab them all to use for inspiration. Don’t be afraid of using the bright blues, the soft teals and even some reds or yellows as accent colors. Use these colors in high-impact places like in a rug, or in throw pillows.

Getting the beach-inspired home you’ve always wanted doesn’t have to be limited to the shores of sunny California. Take the calm of the waves with you wherever you go, and you’ll be relaxing all year long.