What are the multiple uses of plaster for home repairing and decoration?

Planning to change the overall look of your place? It seems to be a great idea, but you need expert help for that! Changing the interior look is now possible, thanks to the wonderful usage of plaster. It not just helps in changing the current look of your place, but can be your best guide to saving money. The new plasters are not just available in many colors, but you can also customize them according to the need and budget that you have- they can be designed to be made into plaster ceiling roses, corner designs and other intricate stamps of work that decorate your ceilings.

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Repairing damage through it:

In case, your place is lacking beauty due to damaged walls, uneven walls or removed tiles, plastering can be one best way to fix it. You have to use a proper plaster mix for covering up the rough and raw surfaces.

  • After you are done with plastering, the place is then treated with paint and primer, to finish off the deal.
  • Other than working for its ornamental values, plastering is also known for a plethora of reasons. It helps in protecting the structure and surface of the wall and ceiling, from any environmental degradation.
  • Whether dampness or weathering and even temperament variation, you know that your place is protected with plastering.

Types of protective plastering techniques:

You should gain promising ideas on the type of plastering techniques available, these days. Once you have understood the plaster types, you can choose the best one for your use.

  • Let’s start with the easiest of them all; fibrous plastering. It is a perfect mix of short fibers and plasters, which helps in creating a perfect ornamental plasterwork. You will be able to create a variety of designs with it, like columns, ceiling rose and even archways.
  • The most common of the lot is solid plastering. It helps in creating a wet finish to the surface it is applied. After that, it is recommended to use a protective covering to that particular surface region.

The exterior parts of your walls need stronger plastering, as these parts need to withstand climatic pressures. Water and dampness can be resisted by cement. Proper plastering not only reduces the dampness and puffiness on the wall, but it also reduces the number of problems associated with maintaining your walls.

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Advantages dealing with plasters:

You might have come across various notifications, revolving around plaster. Now, it is time to know further about the advantages, it holds.

  • The primary ability is to absorb noise and deter the spread of fire. The plasters act as sound absorbing and acoustical elements. Lime plasters are considered denser than gypsum boards.
  • Lime plasters are traditional materials and are known for their fire resistance properties. Carbonated lime is proven to spread fire slower when compared to drywalls.
  • On the other hand, you will have less air between ceiling and wall layers, which will provide less oxygen to the fire, forcing it to shut down. Plasters are even used for greater ceiling or wall curvature, which can add more to its beauty.

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Improve the look of concrete walls:

If you are willing to enhance the look of concrete walls, then you can try your hands on plaster, for help. It is vital to prime the surface area with the diluted version of PVA solution first, to seal the area from further roughness. After that, you can use any top coat plaster on the primer.

Whether you are looking for the simple wall, or try your hands at designer ones, it is vital to procure help from leaders first. Plaster and its variety is known as plaster of Paris is also used to make artefacts, statues and other decorative pieces that enhance the property value of yours.