What Are Some Styles Of Interior Decorating?

Home interior design or decorating is one way of expressing a homeowner’s taste, fashion sense, and personality. It varies from one individual to another and consists of a variety of concepts and ideas that may be used together to create a finished product that is unique to that particular person.

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What Are Some Styles Of Interior Decorating?

Enumerated below are examples of popular interior design styles that you may want to try for your own home.


Known for its comforting and relaxing vibe, a traditional style of interior design consists of furniture and accessories that feature gentle tones and shapes. Tables, dressers, and chairs with curved corners are the norm, as well as plain, floral, or simple lines on fabrics used for curtains, pillows, and linens. The overall atmosphere is best described as bright but calm.


One word that summarizes what a casual interior design is: simple. It is primarily made up of soft elements that exude a feeling of warmth and coziness despite their non-symmetrical makeup. It can easily be fused together with other interior design styles because of its versatility and fluidity.


For those that are into the modern look, a contemporary style is best suited for them. It covers a wide range of characteristics that includes simplicity, elegance, and sophistication. It steers the focus of anyone in the room onto the colors and shapes that are present inside that particular space. Among its highlights are its clean and sleek lines and almost monochromatic appearance.


A formal style features tall and large windows and doors, high ceilings, paneled walls, and luxurious furniture and accessories. It also frequently includes something that is big and eye-catching, maybe a beautiful fireplace or a wide picture window with a fantastic view of the outdoors. Even the smallest items in the room have that striking quality to them and they are typically made of brass, crystal, or some expensive fabric material.


Being in a classically designed room is like being transported back to the past, as this type of interior decorating style puts aesthetics and elegance a priority. With beige, white, cream, and other neutral colors as the most common hues, and wooden furniture and paneled walls as the usual components of every room, it gives off a vibe that will make you feel like you are in some lovely French home of several decades ago. In addition to that, large artworks, including portraits and landscapes, are hung on the walls, to complete that refined and sophisticated ambiance.

Now that you are familiar with a few of the best known interior design styles, you may use this content as basis for your decision once you meet up with your Toronto interior decorator.