Ways Urinary Incontinence Might Be Affecting Your Lifestyle

You may have been recently diagnosed with incontinence and are not really sure how to manage the symptoms now that you know what it all stems from. While you may have been living with the condition for quite a while, it’s possible you thought it would go away on its own or had at least ten different excuses for what else the reason could be. You may even be hoping that the condition still goes away on its own, as this means you don’t have to look into further medical care or make changes to a lifestyle you’re likely comfortable with.

Many times, this is true, but it’s still crucial to look into methods of treatment so you know what your options are, especially if your incontinence doesn’t stop. On top of that, you don’t need to feel ashamed about what you’re dealing with. After all, avoiding treatment can really cramp your lifestyle in multiple ways, including worsening your quality of life. Below are just a few examples of what could happen should you choose to go untreated.

Deteriorated Mental Health

Living with an embarrassing and life-altering issue will affect much more than your physical well-being. Not only is it hard to deal with, but you probably don’t want to discuss it with anyone. As such, your moods may shift lower, leading to depression and loneliness. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and as such it’s important to monitor how you’re feeling and thinking while trying to deal with any medical issue. This includes getting the treatment you need, as it will help you to start feeling better as physical issues get resolved or you feel like you’re making progress.


Incontinence can certainly interrupt your sleep schedule. You may be afraid of falling asleep due to reasonable concerns over the possibility of wetting your bed. Instead, you may spend too many hours awake and getting up and running to the bathroom, desperately trying to empty your bladder. If you are waking up too much during the day, this can significantly reduce your quality of sleep. Your body needs to go through the right sleep cycle in order for you to fully benefit from your rest. Constant worry will impact this. 

Of course, persistent sleeplessness leads to problems functioning and poor concentration during the day, and it can also lead to a decrease in immunity. As a result of decreased immunity, you might be more susceptible to certain viruses. This can affect your overall health. 

Reduction in Intimacy

Because the possibility of leaking urine during intercourse can lower your confidence and spontaneity, the issue can certainly affect your sex life. If you are in a relationship, this can be devastating for both you and your partner if sex is a regular part of your relationship. Urinary incontinence may also be the root cause of pain during sex. If you find you can’t relax or fully enjoy sex, you might have an issue with urinary incontinence. If you think you are struggling with this, talk to your doctor to make sure you get properly diagnosed and find the right treatment options for you personally. 

Job-Related Stress

Depending on the particular work that you perform, incontinence can affect your job or career. Since you can’t run to the toilet all the time, you will become preoccupied with your bladder, and tasks can become quite difficult to concentrate on. If you’re in a work environment, there’s a chance your coworkers could become concerned, leading to awkward questions you likely wouldn’t want to answer. You may even avoid certain promotions or job responsibilities if you are worried about your urinary incontinence

Not to mention, if you are constantly leaving your work station for frequent bathroom breaks rather than working, you may be questioned by superiors as to whether or not you can do your job, leading to stress over job security. You never want your health to make a negative impact on your job performance and success. It’s important to meet with your doctor regularly to make sure your treatment is working so you don’t have to worry about how it will impact your work life. 

Frequent Clothing Changes

You probably will have to stock up on black or dark-colored pants to obscure leaks. This certainly cuts down on your daily wardrobe choices, and can be a serious inconvenience during the hotter parts of the year. You deserve to wear whatever you want, whenever you want, so don’t let your health impact the clothing you can or can’t wear. 

In addition, urine leaks could permanently stain clothing and lead to odors that can’t be easily removed. As such, some urinary incontinence sufferers simply refuse to leave their homes out of fear of humiliation. This can affect your life in many ways and can start to affect your mental wellbeing. 

In conclusion, since the long term and immediate effects of urinary incontinence can have a surprisingly devastating effect on everyday living, it is more important than ever to seek help for the condition. Doctors have amazing treatments available that can seriously improve your current quality of life, not to mention the plethora of exercises and self-treatments you can look into.