Social Media Marketing Strategies For Festive Season

Festive season is just around the corner, so if you are not preparing your upcoming content right now, you are going to lose the game. 

If truth be told, social media see an upsurge in usage during the festive season. Everything happens on social media platforms, from finding festive outfits to purchasing what is trending during the season. This is why, as a business owner, you need a perfect social media strategy for your brand. 

Festive season requires whole new planning for your social media strategy. Therefore, for the sake of brands struggling in the tricky waters of social media marketing for festive season, today we will discuss some social media marketing strategies in this blog. 

6 Unique Social Media Marketing Gimmicks For Festive Season 

There isn’t a better time than the festive season to grow business for marketers and business owners. Whether you are a magnet or a small business owner, these strategies are what you need. Have a look. 

Start Your Marketing Campaign Early 

Most brands procrastinate when it comes to starting their festive social media campaigns. The last three months of the year are the most important for a business. Therefore, we recommend starting strategizing content for your social media a couple of months before the festive season. 

You can also capture your audience in advance by notifying them about upcoming offers and discounts. Remember that the build up phase helps create excitement for your users, followers and visitors. Prior planning can help you capitalize on marketing trends and events. 

Create Holiday-ish Content For Social Media 

Visuals are the best way to create a vibe. In fact, they are the most engaging form of content. 

It is important to show the festive side of your business during the festive season. To create a festive vibe on social media, you can choose a hue or theme for your posts. For example, you can choose red and white color for Christmas. You can also use the Ghost Trend for Halloween month. 

Launch A Giveaway 

Customers love gifts. And the festive season is considered to be the time of giving. 

A giveaway is the best way to create a buzz around your business if you want to stand out in the crowd during the season. A giveaway increases the chances of potential buyers following you and engaging on your social media. 

Moreover, a giveaway might also encourage future purchases. It is possible that many of the contestants will participate in the giveaway and never engage with your business again. But there are higher chances of landing upon a loyal customer for life. 

Use Your Hashtags Efficiently 

One of the efficient ways to create engagement for your business is to launch a branded hashtag. When you introduce your hashtag during the season, it helps you track the performance of your campaign. 

You can launch a hashtag like this: #YourBrandNameXChristamas or #YourBrandNameXHanukkah. We also recommend asking your users to create content around the hashtag. Such content will help you create brand awareness for your business in a better manner. 

The task is not over here!

You can also embed these hashtags on websites. When you embed  hashtags on  website, especially festive ones, makes your website vibrant and adds joy to the festival. You can choose any social media aggregator tool to embed hashtags on website. Most of these tools are code free, so even if you are not tech-savvy, you can use these tools efficiently. 

Try Influencer Marketing 

The Social Shepherd has revealed that nearly 93% of marketers have used Influencer marketing. And nearly 89% of brands’ ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing tactics. The scope statistics convey the scope of influencer marketing for every business niche. Collaborating with an influencer can amp up the reach of all your marketing campaigns. However, while choosing an influencer for your brand, you must be mindful. We highly recommend not judging an influencer by the number of followers. Make sure to collaborate with influencers that align with your brand value and have a great impression on your target audience. 

Make Reels On Instagram 

Demand Sage has revealed that nearly 2 billion people interact on Instagram. This statistics has convinced marketers enough to include Instagram Reels in their marketing strategies.  

As a business owner, apart from user generated content, it is also important to create Reels for your business Instagram account. This helps you to create a great impact on your customers. 

Launch a festive theme for the Reels and create content around it. You can also invite participation of your customers and followers  using the remix feature of IG Reels. This will help you reach to a wider audience. People love it when brands are involved with them. It makes them feel valued. 

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Wrapping Up 

The festive season is yet another chance for businesses to connect with their customers. And planning your content for social media never hurts! In fact, It will ease the entire process for you. You can create a social media content calendar for your brand beforehand. A social media content calendar helps you to avoid multitasking, saves time and batch your work. 

We have listed the best social media strategies in this blog. Use them during this festive season, and let us know if it helps.