Wallet-Friendly Ways To Soundproof A Room

If you are living in that noisy neighbourhood or you simply can’t sleep every night because of all those cars passing by, there are plenty of ways to soundproof your bedroom, or any other room in your house. Creating a soundproof room is not a difficult task at all, and it requires just a bit of creativity, good will and some money. Listed below are the best way to soundproof a room and at the same time save enough money to buy something nice for your beloved ones.

Start with the Doors

Most of the indoor noise comes through the doors. If you start soundproofing each part of the room separately, you will save tons of money but it might require some more time and a bit more effort. You can get a soundproof doors with bottom attached to prevent all the noise from disturbing your sleep or concentration. If you are not going for the looks and you do not care if the doors end up looking a bit too chubby, try adding a layer of plywood to the doors and then paint it over. Once you do that, your doors will be perfectly soundproof and you will be disturbed at all.

Wallet-Friendly Ways To Soundproof A Room

Next are the Windows

Once doors are fixed, there are just a few more things to do to make sure your room is sound proof. Continue by soundproofing the windows. Usually, the best option is additional layers on your windows. Or, consider a retro-fitted double glazing option to make your windows both soundproof and to prevent all the heat from leaving your room and the cold from getting in. Double glazing is the most popular way of soundproofing the windows and it is totally affordable and within your estimated price range.

Continue to the Walls

Once you have finished with the doors and the windows, the next thing is the walls. A lot of noise can come through the walls, especially if they are wooden or hollow ones. You can start by installing a heavy mass vinyl, and then adding a layer of glue with additional layer of drywall attached. Your walls will get additional cold protection and in the same time, become soundproof to all the noise from the outside or the adjacent rooms. The only thing left is to make sure your children’s room is sound isolated, so that the noise does not reach you. You can do that by putting the damping compound on the walls facing their bedroom and the hallways and voila, silence is golden.

Wallet-Friendly Ways To Soundproof A Room

The Last Step is the Floor

Soundwaves do travel low, and in most houses, they travel along the floor. Believe it or not, but installing an additional layer of carpet or a carpet pad can make that extra noise disappear. The carpet must be thick. This is especially important if there are rooms below yours, and by doing this, you ensure that they do not disturb you an in the process, you do not disturb them. What a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Soundproofing a room is easier than you thought, and with proper motivation and a bit of money, you can make sure that your quarters remain peaceful. By soundproofing the walls, windows, door and the floor, you will be able to enjoy your own moments in peace and quiet.