Valpak to Donate $10K "Dough to Grow Award" for Small Business Success

Valpak, the company behind those familiar blue envelopes filled with coupon deals that arrive regularly in our mailboxes, recently announced their newest public relations program to encourage and emphasize the success of small businesses throughout the US and Canada. The “Dough to Grow Award” is a prize designed to demonstrate the company’s recognition of the struggles and odds that small businesses must overcome in order to be successful. The program makes a lot of sense when one considers Valpak’s early history.

Valpak’s Small Business Beginnings

Now owned by Cox Target Media, Valpak first began in the 1960’s by an unemployed forklift operator, Terry Loebel, trying to make a living during tough times and feed his family. Loebel’s company began at the dining room table with him, his wife and his two children stuffing envelopes. Described as eccentric, Loebel never left his working class roots behind, even as his company succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. He sold the company after 18 years and retired at age 45 to follow his varied interests that included photography, race cars, charitable donations and actions best described as “passing it on.”

The Company’s Continued Growth & Changes

Under the stewardship of Michael Vivio,the president of Cox Target Media, Valpak has been joined by in order to improve the company’s ability to reach interested consumers. According to Vivio, “adding capabilities from, Valpak will increase the national advertising it offers and add the pay-for-performance model, while still reaching targeted audiences.” Yet, even as the company’s scope and size expands, it has apparently — much like its original founder Loebel — not abandoned its roots as a small business and demonstrates this through the new program. “Valpak is committed to moving businesses forward, and with the Dough to Grow Award, we’re proving it,” quoted Vivio regarding the contest. “This embodies Valpak’s core mission of supporting local businesses to help them grow.”

Dough to Grow Contest Details

According to’s article on the contest, businesses can nominated online for two months, between October 1st and November 30th at Businesses must receive a minimum of one hundred votes for contest consideration, so those who make initial company nominations are encouraged to publicize the opportunity through social media such as Facebook and Twitter so other customers can add their vote to the small business’s tally.
The ten small businesses with the highest number of votes will be named semifinalists. A committee will then judge the semifinalists based upon the following criteria, naming the winner in December:

  • “Compelling story of why the funds are needed and/or how they will be allocated ~ 35 percent;
  • Energy, enthusiasm, creativity and passion for your business ~ 25 percent;
  • Quantity of votes ~ 15 percent;
  • Solid business & management team/owner ~ 15 percent;
  • Positive impact on the community and/or team ~10 percent.”

A Small Business Opportunity Not to Be Missed

Additional contest information, rules and eligibility requirements are also available on the nomination websites. A prize of this size might mean the difference between success and failure. Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play the game.