Understanding the Market Popularity of Celebrities

There are many celebrities in the entertainment industry and they seem to be up for grabs. Tabloid writers and photographers regularly follow or even stalk on various celebrities. They can do this by following them constantly. Celebrities are also normal people and they have different opinions about this. Some celebrities tolerate paparazzi and they even play along with them. In some cases, their good relations with journalists could result in good publicity. However, many celebrities seem to be constantly embroiled in battles with these celebrities. Their relentless conflicts could end up in court. In this case, there’s a question about who own celebrities. When asked about this, many people would say that it’s people who own celebrities. Celebrities could include singers, actors and even politicians. Celebrities could live in a blessed existence in the entertainment industry when they are able to stay in favor with common people. In this case, celebrities need fame to have a continued existence in the industry. If celebrities start to lose favor, they will start to fade away. When fame is gone, their financial opportunities and fortune will eventually dry up.


Celebrity needs audience, in fact an audience create celebrities. Many people perform at concert and star in movies, but they don’t gain major celebrity status. It may take some time before specific celebrities can acknowledged by the entire society and the entertainment industry. It is true that some stars are born overnight, while others need to undergo a lot of hard work to achieve their fame. When celebrities are famous enough, people would want to know about their comings and goings. The media will pick up on news and rumors related to specific celebrities. The media coverage eventually creates the celebrity status of an individual. If nobody cares about an emerging celebrity, the person may not be able to gain the desired fame. Their photos won’t grace the covers of tabloids or magazines; they will not be stalked by paparazzi. Although many people are able to gain good financial standing by being minor celebrities, they may not obtain the significant degree of fame. People are fickle creatures. They may hold someone in great esteem for one year and they will eventually more on to the next, the following year.

There are many things that can be discussed about celebrities. As an example, even former celebrities can be revisited and people may find out about their “normal” lives. There are different factors that can be used to determine the popularity of celebrities. The popularity of celebrities can determine the market price. This can determine their fees for each role in film or participation in musical concerts. Celebrities may also sell their personal portfolios, especially because celebrity-related items can increase in values. If a celebrity has started to lose his/her value, he or she can be dumped due to the reduced desirability. Nothing lasts forever. Celebrities will eventually fail to generate enough publicity and news to sustain their reputation.