Types Of Cricket Matches Played Around The World

Not everyone knows about the sport known as “Game of the gentleman.” However, in the UK is the popular sport besides football and it dates back to the times when kings and princes could be found playing with his knights and soldiers. And that’s what makes this game still lasts until today. In fact, one of the most anticipated tournaments in the world of cricket is in progress – the Ashes tournament.

But before we go a little beyond that, here we are a list of the ten types of cricket that you should know about if you like sports;

Twenty20 – which was first introduced in 2003 and played in the UK, however, its popularity spread to all other games of cricket – nations. Each team has a quota of 20 over’s.

First Class: is the oldest type of cricket that has been practiced long before the Test matches were played. There are many similarities between the two types; however, this type has three days, while the other can be up to five days.

Test- among other types, this is the most difficult and is known to be the ultimate test of all cricketers. It is the most precise condition whether to measure a team effort and capabilities.

Club- is often the most recognizable in the world of amateur cricket match. Although amateur in nature, that is when aspiring cricket players learn to observe the laws of the game. Is often played too seriously both teams competing.

One Day- as the name suggests this tournament must have a winner in one day. He often plays with colored uniforms and white balls, more often, is the best alternative to the teams of 5 days and can attract large numbers of spectators, especially the internationals.

County- if you are living in the UK or India should be familiar with this type, as is often played in the counties. More often, it is a competition between the two counties to demonstrate that it has more upper limbs. In addition, it is more popular in England.

List A –it is new type introduced by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2006. They created this type have been asking ICC to recognize it as a new part of the world of cricket.

Interior- as its name implies, this type is often played in smaller stadiums which means it is also faster than the traditional cricket match. Rarely can witness this kind of cricket.