Types Of Commercial Solar Power Systems For Your Business

Solar power systems are important when you would like to save money on your utilities. The sun is a free and renewable resource for home and businesses alike. You are able to install the solar systems in order to save on a large utility bill so that you can keep the money for your business. There are a few different types of systems that you are able to have installed depending on the type of building in which you are operating. The types of solar power systems include systems for sloped roofs, flat roofs, and systems that are utilized on the ground.

Types Of Commercial Solar Power Systems For Your Business

The growth of  rooftop solar systems has really exploded over just the past few years. It has helped by the incentive programs, the technological improvements, and the high need for an alternative energy source due to rising costs of fossil fuels, limited supplies, and environmental concerns. Luckily for homeowners and business owners, there are professional companies like Sun Bug Solar who offer fairly priced systems for commercial solar power.

Solar Shingles

Solar shingles were created mainly to be used on the steep sloped roofs as an asset that is active, also called “active asset”. Rooftops are able to be a great place to install a solar system because of the unobstructed space. The roof has plenty of space to receive the sunlight necessary to convert the sun’s rays into energy. The shingles were created to replace the traditional shingles made of asphalt.

Rooftop Solar Systems

The rooftop systems that are created for the commercial buildings with the flat roofs are able to be rack mounted. This means that they use racks that are attached to the roof. They can also adhere to the roof directly. While the type of solar system that is adhered will involve fewer penetrations marks, it will restrict the access to a large portion of the roof. A rack-mounted type of system will allow access to your roof should there need to be a repair. However, there are secure flashing methods that are used so as to not compromise the roof’s integrity.

Ballasted Rack Mounted Solar Systems

The ballasted rack mounted solar systems will allow access to your roof and will have a limited amount of penetrations that will be flashed; however, wind loads, weight, and seismic loads can be an issue. The company that you hire needs to have experience in your specific environment to ensure that the solar system that is installed has the safety features that it needs.

When you purchase a system for solar power, there are some features and items that come with the system. Here is a list of some items that will be included when you purchase your solar system for your business.

  • System Grid Tie Inverter
  • System Array
  • Panel Mounting System
  • Design Assistance
  • Technical Support

When you are shopping for commercial solar power, you will need to know the composition of your rooftop. With this information, a solar power retailer will give you an estimate for installing the solar power and answer questions pertaining to having solar power installed for your business.