Considerations When Designing A Control System For Life Science Facilities

Life science covers a wide array of scientific options; these encompass the study of any living organism; whether human, plant or animal.  The core science behind this industry is recognized to be biology.  However, there are an increasing number of specialist fields which deal with molecular biology and even biotechnology.  This is a rapidly expanding and growing field of study.

Considerations When Designing A Control System For Life Science Facilities

Any study or research completed in this area will often need to be completed inside a carefully controlled environment.  This is essential to ensure the results are accurate and not influenced by an unforeseen or unaccounted for environmental factor.

Choosing Your Supplier

The first consideration you must deal with before you can design a system is who to use as your supplier.  Phoenix Controls are one firm which excels in offering this kind of service.  Their facilities and capabilities can be seen at Phoenix Controls; they offer a worldwide service and have an excellent reputation for designing and installing the complete range of control systems.  Perhaps most importantly is the fact that this firm is forward thinking and constantly innovating.  They are dedicated to providing the best possible service and operate sustainable and environmentally friendly policies.

Your Needs

The next most important consideration is what you actually need your system to do.  Do you need the air to be of a certain quality, or are you looking at using the right control system to ensure your tests are not contaminated.  You may even simply need a system for disease control.  Before you can choose the right system for your needs it is essential that you understand what exactly you need from your system now and what you may need in the future.


It is also important to establish if a business, such as the one listed above, has any experience in dealing with the creation of your specific control system.  If they have it is usually beneficial to see the system in action and speak to people who use it on a daily basis.  Any good supplier should be happy to provide you with several contact references to assist you with this stage of your process.


Finally, once you have established what you need and who the best supplier is to give it to you; then you will need to enter negotiations with them.  The bigger the order you place the easier it will be to establish a bulk buying discount.  However, much of this stuff is specialized and may take time to manufacturer.  In fact, it may even be difficult to organize a discount for some parts of your chosen control system.

The best time to install an environmental control system is when you are first planning and commissioning a building.  Of course, this is not always possible and a control system for your life science facility can be retrofitted to your lab or designated work area.  It is important to note that there are so many different specialties within the life sciences that it is impossible to develop one control system for all of them.