Traditional Kitchen Designs Are In and Here’s Why

For years, kitchen designs have been getting more and more modern. The kitchens in some houses now look as if they have come straight from a spaceship. And while this isn’t a bad thing, some modern kitchens do feel cold, unwelcoming or even robotic. These steely kitchens are undoubtedly functional, but don’t always feel like home.

This is why homeowners are trending back to traditional kitchen designs which feature wood cabinets, stone countertops and simpler layouts. Sure, they may not offer that sleek appeal of modern kitchens, but some people prefer to have a more rustic charm. That’s just one of the reasons traditional kitchen designs are in. Here are three more.

1.) It Feels More Like Home

Most people grew up in their kitchen watching mom and dad cook meals, grabbing a sneaky biscuit after everyone had gone to bed and creating other precious family memories. Most of these kitchens had a simple, traditional design. No fancy metallic finishes or complicated configurations. Just old fashion wood cabinets, a tile floor and friendly, inviting colours like white.

This creates a warm ambiance that will remind most people of their childhood. It’s important to note that a traditional kitchen design doesn’t mean it has to be less stylish. Kitchen providers use modern materials and techniques to create dependable rooms that are traditional but visually appealing.

2.) Traditional Kitchens Match with Everything

Homeowners may like the look of a contemporary kitchen design, but it can be hard to match these with some homes. A good kitchen designer will work to create a modern kitchen that blends well with the rest of the home, but there can still be a disconnect between it and the other rooms.

It is much easier to incorporate a traditional kitchen into a house as these designs are more muted and have a broader appeal. This can be especially important for older homes where part of the charm is its look. A traditional design offers a revamped kitchen that removes some of the more unappealing elements of the current setup such as deteriorating wooden cabinets or countertops made from low quality materials. These details will be upgraded and improved while the charming appeal remains.

3.) Equipped with Modern Amenities

One misconception homeowners have when it comes to a kitchen renovation is that the only way to get modern amenities is to have a modern design. This, however, is not true. Most traditional kitchen designs can incorporate the latest and greatest in kitchen advancements while still keeping their appeal. A smart refrigerator or dishwasher can easily be added to a traditional kitchen design without looking out of place. Even stainless steel fixtures can be used to add a little contrast to the kitchen.

Those undecided on the type of kitchen design they want should consult with a qualified kitchen provider who can take the ideas of a homeowner to come up with something unique. It’s even possible to incorporate elements of modern and traditional designs to create a kitchen that a homeowner will be proud to call their own.