Top Tips To Nail The Perfect House Extension In London

House extensions in London are a common sight and you will find many who want to add an additional kid’s room, a study room or just a guest room with minimal investment. Here is a list of instruction to keep handy while planning your next extension venture:

Permit and Regulations:

House extensions do require permits and you need to keep this thing in mind essentially. For a new extension that you have planned for your old house you will be needing permits from local authority. Your extension and building must meet the regulations and this is what needs to be checked by authority when you will present them your plans. Before you proceed, it is mandatory to plan and comply with standards.

Consider Your Neighbors

While you plan a house extension, you need to ensure that none of your plan causes troubles to your neighbors. Do not construct any structure that causes health issues, affects the lives of people or block their route, driveway, sunlight or ventilation. Consult your neighbor and discuss the plan. If they are not happy with the plan, you can change the plan to maintain the healthy relationship with them.

Contracting the Trades

The complete process of home extensions is vast and requires you to consult electrician, professional home extension services, and the other trades as well. How you are going to find them? Will you be looking for some all inclusive services or you will try to find different tradesman for different tasks? You can consult your family and friends for recommendations and it is highly advised to choose a licensed builder company.

Licensed and Insured Company Search

The best way to ensure that you are going to get your job done in right way is to opt for some insures, qualified and licensed company that provides quality services and no damage guarantee as well. If you are able to find some company that is capable of undertaking the entire project then nothing else can be better. It will take the stress off your shoulder for organizing and finding different trades.

Prepare a legal contract with the company stating what all you want and what you both the parties have agreed to at what prices. This helps to keep away from unpleasant situations that can arise when the task is complete.

Some More Planning

Before you finally start with the extension project, some other planning questions may include:

  • Whether you are looking for major extension or just a small one?
  • In what time frame you had wanted the task to get accomplished?
  • What is your budget and how flexible you can get with the money factor?
  • Is there any alternative you can adopt to avoid the extension process?
  • Look for eco friendly ways to extension

Consider the above mentioned factors carefully to make the process easy, quick and transformative.