Top Fattening Foods To Avoid While Trying To Lose Weight

We all have a friend in our group who loves to try and eat every new dish that comes across the way. So if you too have such a friend it won’t take years for you to put on some pounds. This is because what you eat has a major role to play on your weight. So this simply means you must check what you eat and avoid those foods which may lead you towards weight gain.

Top Fattening Foods To Avoid While Trying To Lose Weight

Here are some of the top food that you must avoid from your diet at any cost are:

  1. Potato chips and French fries:

If you love taking whole potatoes in your diet then it is good but, if you go for potato chips or french fries you are going to add up calories. The worst part is that they are tempting and you may easily have them in large proportions. So if you love potatoes, better have them in the boiled form.

  1. Sweetened beverages:

1 in every 2 American drinks sugary drinks and simply adds up the calorie intake. There is no doubt that Sugary drinks are very unhealthy and tops the list.

Being liquid, your brain never feels full after drinking a glass of coke which makes you eat more. This simply means you will add up more calories apart from the ones you already had from the coke. If you want to lose weight, you will have to completely avoid them from the diet.

  1. White bread:

White bread is made using refined flour and is not at all good for our body. Moreover, it contains sugar which can lead to increased blood sugar levels. So if you want to have them better opt for the healthy options or bake them home.

  1. Candy bars:

Are you in love with candy bars? You are going to build up your waistline too. The reason is simple! You have refined flour, sugar as well as added oil all in a single sweet bite. Moreover, the nutrient content is quite low while they are packed up with calories. The worst part is that they are available everywhere in different size and packs – all set to attract the buyers.

So say not to candy and stay fit.

  1. Fruit juices:

Fruit juices available at the stores have very little to do with the real fruits. The reason for it is that they come with added sugar for taste and are even processed to make them easy to consume. Moreover, they are very low on fibers and high on calories, which simply means that you will not get much benefits by taking a glass of juice compared to its whole fruit.

So if you are focusing weight loss, stay away from the fruit juices.

  1. Cookies, cakes and pastries:

They are made using refined flour and added sugars. Some even can be the reason for a number of diseases as they contain trans fats. The worst part is that people don’t get satisfied by a single bite and so keep on nibbling them more. This adds up the calories within no time. If you are looking for some healthy options then browsing Nutrisystem can be a better idea. The best part is that you can find them here for less using Nutrisystem coupon codes.

  1. Ice cream:

Yes, we all scream for ice cream but, it is very unhealthy. The main reason for it is the high amount of calories you can find in them. So if you really love them it would be better to go for homemade options that are less on calories. You can prepare them using less sugar and by using healthy options like fruit and yogurt.

Eating ice cream is not at all a crime, you can keep having them in small portions whenever you want.

There are more food items you can add to the list like pizza, granola bars, cafe latte, etc. So instead of going for them, make sure to choose healthy and low-calorie food items that can help lose weight and stay fit.