Minimize Business Bills: 5 Ways Companies Can Save Money On Utilities

Saving money is like gaining tax-free revenue. It increases the bottom line, but you don’t have to work for it in the same way. Many businesses in Washington, and around the country are finding this, particularly as they convert to natural gas – as seen with the increase in propane deliveries in Mason. It really is amazing how much of a difference things like this can make. Thanks! Here are just 5 more simple ways businesses can save money on utilities.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is a cheaper cleaner alternative to fossil fuels, particularly in areas where oil is the standard. When comparing the cost of heating oil to natural gas the savings reach into the thousands each year even for a small facility.


Solar is expensive up front, but what if you could get paid to have solar? Companies like SunRay Power Management will rent the roof of your building, and then pay you every month. These kinds of companies pay for everything and then collect on the back end.

Lower the Thermostat Just 2 Degrees

Every degree you raise your AC in the Summer and lower the heat in the winter is a 3.5% savings. Now it would be counter-productive to keep your office at 58 degrees instead of 68, but by just lowering the heat to 66 the savings will be about 7%. The savings will be hundreds of dollars or more.

Get Your Local Government Involved

Many local governments provide energy-efficiency grants that many people don’t even know about. There are thousands of dollars allocated and unused, but you can get your facility updated, even if only in a small way. Some programs subsidize energy upgrades; others pay for window and roof installation.

Support Telework Scheduling

Employees who work from home are not only extremely efficient in their tasks, but they are often available outside of work hours. Additionally, they don’t use as many company resources, which include electricity and water.

Team members cannot plug in their personal phones and tablets to charge at their desks if they aren’t there. They can’t leave their computers on overnight if they work off of their home PC. And they can’t use company water.

There are many ways to save on utilities. By employing alternative work schedules, solar power without cost, converting to natural gas, and upgrading the building you can save thousands, and then use that savings to grow.