Top 2 Brands For Inflatable Tubes For Boating This Summer

Can there be anything more fun that tubing on a lake in the summer? Children, teenagers and adults of all ages enjoy this summer boating activity.  All you need is a boat and the right tube to fit your needs.

Whether you are tubing as a lone shark or enjoying it with 2, 3, or 4 others, you’ll want a specific towable tube to embark on your water journeys. Size, shape and function do matter when it comes to picking out a towable tube.

Let’s have a look at the 2 top brands that make the most prized towable tubes of the year. Focusing on the features, and what ratings the actual consumers feel they deserve, it will be hard to deny these tubes, and easier to decide which specifications fit your needs.

Airhead G Force 3

Airhead products have had smooth sailing into the boating fun community. This reputable brand makes a number of inflatable tubes for boating.

The G force is made a thrilling ride for up to 3 riders.The top stabilizer fins do add a stable ride for the younger rider.

The Airhead G Force 3 features the popular quick connect safety valve as well. This is only supplemental to the 72×62 inches measurement of this tube when it is deflated; making it compact enough to transport like light luggage.  It can carry up to 3 passengers offering 6 knuckle guards to the passengers.

It’s safe to say that 3 isn’t a crowd as this tow-able tube was given 4.5 out of 5 stars and 9.6 out of 10, on the popularity charts.

Sports Stuff Big Bertha

When you think of the word “big” you get a sense of security, warmth even, as Big Bertha focuses on cushion. It is designed with the classic fast round shape that supports up to four passengers. The handles are cushioned, and so is the air floor. As for security, slip proof handles and reflective safety piping along with heavy duty PVC interior comes in handy. It receives 4.5 out of 5 stars on Best Consumer Reviews; as the people must love the quick connect tow system that makes a day out in the ocean a little breezier.

Sports Stuff Big Mable

Yachts are not the only luxuries on water. The redesign of the “Big Mable” towable tube is nothing short of a vacation. Passengers have 3 options for riding positions: sitting, kneeling, and even laying down. Featuring dual towing in front and back, the design is built to keep everyone safely on board. It includes all of the necessary features such as grab handles and knuckle guards, as well as state of the art foam pads made of EVA material. It receives a 9.8 on value, and a 9.9 on quality.

In summary, take a look at the common features, the add-on’s, the design, and the capacity to really determine which tow-able tube is best to go out and have your kind of boat fun.