Tips To Get Links To Your Local Business

Local business always struggles a lot to get their business at first page in search engine result. Because of budget problem they invest a small amount in building their links or they invest their money on advertisement in newspapers/TV’s. Building a link is an easy task before Google updates, but now we have to be careful while building your link. It is hard to recover from Google penalties and once we lost our position it difficult to gain the original position.

Here are some of the tips to get links to your local business:

Google Local

In Google local helps to explore your business locally. Create an account on this by filling information about your business like name and category of links to your website, your business, quality photos, , contact and address details, your house, parking info, outdoor seating, price range, etc. This info can make or break a customer’s decision to choose your business over the competition.


Yelp is the website which maintains information about each and every local business and local people will get local info of any business on this website. We have to just register it and its free to get register once we register we have to enter detailed information about your local business. People will get the relevant information about the search. They will sort all entries and gives the relevant information.

Google Coupons

Google has a free local tool that creates a coupon of your business and put your coupon on relevant searches. It’s one of the way to grab new customers and explore your business.

Tips To Get Links To Your Local Business

Free Promotional Tools

Technorati and mybloglog are the free tools which help you to gain traffic to your website and optimized your website in search engine result. In order to understand these tools you can take tutorial from any digital marketing services India they will you the best to explore your business.

Create a Lens at Squidoo

This helps you to interface with your customer’s and explain a detailed information about your product or services.

Content Marketing

It’s a very important technique to optimized your website. We have to analyze completely about your website and write quality content relevant to the website where you are posting this article and include a back link to your website in a natural way. If you are content is good and informative people will love to share this content with their social media or with their friends publicly that show their interest in that product and services. That  makes a good name for your brand and it also shows your expertise in that field.

Email Marketing

Collect emails of potential customers and sent them the information they want along with include a quality link on your website that helps them to get what they want. If you’re including an irrelevant link in the email then people will file you as a spam.

Yahoo Local

This will maintain a list of directories which Is organized by category and geographic locations. This helps people search your business locally.

The above stated tips are followed by all SEO company India and they are getting good result out of it.