Tips To Excel In Class 10 Mathematics

It has been truly opined that change is constant. When the students move up to class X mathematics, they suddenly find themselves walking on alien territory. While for some this is disheartening, for others this opportune change creates a curiosity in their minds. The culmination of the year into board examinations unnerves the aspirants from the beginning of the year. Emergence of uncertainties, confusion and anxieties seems natural. There is a stiff race to reach to the top earlier and occupy a suitable place that might secure his/her tomorrow. A sincere care should be taken in the preparation of the class X mathematics as arithmetical ability plays a vital role in deciding the overall result and complexity of competition. A new challenge is lying before the students and a proper guidance is necessary for them to mark the destination. Here are some tips that a student can opt for coping with these challenges:

Tips To Excel In Class 10 Mathematics

  1. Planning: It is the first and the foremost tool of success. No goal can be achieved without planning. It begins with the determination of objectives. Students should be well aware of their syllabi. The syllabus can be considered as a part of their learning tool. Students should have a good understanding of their syllabi in advance, in order to make a plan for their preparation. Aspirants should cross check their syllabi, as suggested by the boards.
  2. Focus on Basics: Students should examine the complexities attached to arithmetical ability and gravity of competition encircling around. It is a concept-based subject; a collection of fundamental subjects. As skyscraper kisses the space only on account of its strong foundation, an excellence is achieved only by clarity of concepts of fundamentals. There is no need to go and try each and every extra book that is available in the bookshops. The NCERT books are resourceful enough for preparing students for the exams and also to provide them conceptual clarity. You could get hold of answers of maths NCERT class 10 and try out the various questions given there. You should consider starting from the beginning of the year; practicing at exam time will be cumbersome and distracting.
  3. Avoid reading various books: Some students are in the habits of reading books of several writers and publications. While it is done with all good intentions, it does not really serve the intended purpose. They should always read bona fide book of a genuine writer, which contains entire syllabus and adequate number of solved examples with exercises. Reading selective books with a thorough approach is the way to progress unhindered.
  4. Beware of unreliable stuff: As the dates for examination are announced, there is a tsunami of books, guides, previous years papers etc. that claim to provide sure success. One has to take the advertisements with a pinch of salt, since these are pure gimmicks. Students are advised to follow prescribed books and not spend time, money and energies on acquiring books that may not provide appropriate content.
  5. Practical approach: It is always advisable that certain subjects like mathematics are never just perused. Certainly one has to read the theoretical concepts, but one should always solve the examples and the questions at the end of the chapters.
  6. Step-by-Step approach: Look at every step of solved examples of each chapter and try to solve them yourselves. As you are going to appear at descriptive test, hence while solving examples problems, steps should not be skipped off. Students should not cause any pain to examiner. Less pain he bears, more awards. More awards will be allotted in your account.
  7. Special attention: As we all know that class X mathematics contains various chapters and each chapter is having different weight age of marks, and students should always have in their mind this content structure and also from the complexity point of view. Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration are some of the chapters that always remain challenging part for the students. These chapters entail more practice and time. For these chapters, students need to do practice a bit more questions apart from NCERT book. They should jot down the important formulae, theorems and their proofs in advance, to revise at the last moment.
  8. Tricky Approach: Aspirants should be curious to try out certain tricks in solving the problems given, the tricks emanate from the fundamental concepts themselves. It also helps you to make prepare well for others exams down the line. In case, you are lacking in time, it imbibes confidence in you that you are nowhere left behind. You will be able to solve your question paper in time. For example – In case you have 3-4 questions to go and if time permits you to solve only 1 question, then here if a student applies the known tricks and misses out the steps, s/he would be able to get some marks.
  9. Previous Year Papers: Once you are done with chapter or finished off your syllabus, aspirants should attempt to solve at least last 5 year question papers, it not only gives them a confidence but also helps them assess their preparation level and weak areas that need special attention to escalate their preparation level.
  10. Avoid Scribbling: As the students are appearing for the descriptive test, neat and clean hand writing also plays a dominant role to secure good marks. If you are in a position to make your examiner feel happy or reduce his/her efforts to go through your handwriting, you will be in a better position to score higher marks.

Success is not a matter of luck and mere intellect, but of well oriented and disciplined effort. As the era of online education is on the verge students can go online for answers of maths NCERT class 10, which will help them to study smarter.

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