Three Elements Included In Church Website Designing To Make It Functional and Beautiful

Church website is a channel to communicate with current and potential members. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to its designing ad content. There are some ground rules from negative perspective to avoid the common pitfalls, while planning or analyzing the best church website.

  • Expensive is not good
  • Flashier is improper

Three main elements to be included in best church websites

First element – Law of visual

Graphics include background, color scheme, fonts, layout, logo, images and more. They are very crucial because people instantly get impressed. For example, colors affect the viewer’s emotions, either negatively or positively. Readability is also vital to the visitor to read the information they came looking for. It is studied that rotating image banner is the best way to deliver stunning graphical interface.

Church website builder is a tool that gives access to myriads of worship media templates. Remember, more graphics is not good but being selective and using good ones is better.

Second element – Law of navigation

Navigation has to be obvious. Place navigation links in observable locations. Generally, it means you will need to position the key navigation links on the top of web page. If you take cue from Google’s most visited page then you will find that it is on top left of web page. Obvious layout is first determining aspect for remarkable navigation.

Next aspect is the labels of your navigation to help users move around the website. Trendy or fancy navigation labels can make you lose visitors. Simple titles like, ‘About Us’, ‘Products’, ‘Services’ are best.

Ultimately, the link button looks or text is vital. The navigation elements need to be large and obvious, so users can detect them without searching them. These buttons need to be staring users in their face everywhere they move on the site.

Third element – Law of simplicity

For maintaining simplicity follow the two basic rules.

  1. Keep a lot of white space – White space means absence of text, graphics, etc. For example, you have seen page, there is a lot of white space but this simplicity makes it look incredibly clear, as to where you are supposed to click. White space triggers a feeling of ease and user-friendliness.
  1. No extraneous elements – Never ever include anything irrelevant that contradicts your website’s overall aim. Before you add something ensure that it is vital for visitors to read or see. If it is not drop posting it. Simple is better. Cluttering with unnecessary information means sabotaging website integrity.

Look at certain other criteria’s, while designing beautiful and functional church websites.

  • Easy navigation
  • Simple layout
  • No overwhelming visuals
  • Content image needs to load quickly
  • Clear content
  • Sufficient contact information, staff names, information about children & youth ministry
  • Church calendar & sermon archives
  • Mission, vision and authorization
  • Links to popular social media profiles
  • Major church announcements

You can make use of online drag & drop website creation tool to design a versatile site for ministries, and Christian churches.