The Prerequisites Of Selecting A Waterproofing Expert

The importance of adequate basement waterproofing cannot be stressed upon enough. Waterproofed basements were and always will be an absolute necessity. They ensure a sturdy building structure, the safeguarding of stored valuable possessions, protection from molds and insects, as well as the overall construction security of your space.  The need for competent waterproofing is imperative if you live in an area prone to heavy rainfall. Rain is your basement’s worst enemy. Rains can leave your basement wet, leaky or worse, looking like a miniature pond; all of which are never a welcome situation.

More than often, a poor quality basement is the outcome of selecting an incompetent builder. If you are going through the phase of bad basement waterproofing, or would like to avoid any future circumstances of the same, here are your prerequisites for seeking out a waterproofing expert:

The need for Effective Research  

Irrespective of your being someone dealing with the issue of a leaky basement, or someone wanting to ensure a leak-proof basement, finding and selecting a waterproofing expert is inevitable. An efficient company always makes sure that all your construction needs are optimally furnished. You could start by getting online or asking for recommendations from friends and neighbors regarding the best waterproofing experts in your area.

Detecting the Actual Cause for Concern

Agreed that excess water is the culprit behind your damp or probably flooded basement, but where did that water come from? It is necessary to trace the source of your problem. You could scrutinize in and around your basement to find out answers to this mystery. The reason could be anything between damaged downspouts to defective roof drainage system to construction flaws. The distance between the ground and basement windows should be adequate. The windows should also be tested positive for waterproofing to prevent such problems.

The Importance of the Right Price for the Right Job

Now that you’ve drawn out a list of waterproofing experts who could provide you effective solutions, it is crucial to compare them on the basis of their cost-effectiveness and problem identification procedure. Waterproofing works are, usually, not easy on the pocket. Therefore, it is compulsory to make your final selection based on the approach the candidates have towards your problem and the comparative prices offered. A waterproofing expert does not rely on aggressive sales tactics or limited inspection of the crisis. They undertake a broader approach towards the problem and deliver solutions considering the larger picture at hand. You could evaluate your best alternative depending upon the above criteria clubbed with a suitable price. It is good to remember that a good waterproofing expert, although somewhat pricey, can deliver powerful long-term solutions.

Valuation of Alternatives on the Basis of Solution Offered

No two waterproofing inadequacy problem is the same; they have different causes and should be addressed in a customized manner. A basement in trouble is the outcome of one or combination of many issues; you should only select the waterproofing expert who understands the need for a tailored solution. Here is a compilation of common corrective measures and their good, bad and ugly side:

Exterior Vs Interior Excavation Waterproofing

Exterior excavation waterproofing, also known as positive side waterproofing, projects a broader outlook, with respect to the interior excavation technique. The first procedure involves correction of damaged drainage systems through implementation of a better system. It is achieved by excavating a 6-8 feet deep trench towards the foundation wall footer. Interior excavation, on the other end, is a newer technique and involves excavations only 4-18 inches broad inside the basement’s perimeter. Besides the differences in process application, there is also a substantial variation in the price involved. The former is a pricier and more long-term solution than the latter. In spite of these differences, both involve disruption to the space’s structure and related components.

Paint Products and Crack Injections

Waterproofing primers and crack injections are simply quick fixes and never a definite correction technique. Paint products are strictly cosmetic solutions and should be avoided. They do not do much to solve the root problem than simply adding cosmetic appeal to your basement. Similarly, crack injections is suitable only for wall seepage issues and offers short-term assurance.

Once you analyze these fundamentals, you’ll realize that selection of a waterproofing expert is not that big a task. All you need to ensure is choosing a professional who is knowledgeable and also well equipped with efficient technology as well as long term solutions, all at an affordable price.