The Mini Paceman: Review

The Mini Paceman is the coupe version of the Mini Countryman. It has the same wheel base and this niche vehicle is expected to do well amongst younger drivers.

What are the advantages of the new Mini Paceman over the normal Mini hatchback? Space is one of the first things that you notice when you see this new model. The Paceman is practical but does not lose anything in its looks as the design is stylish and sleek. The new car has as much space as a Countryman although it sits a little lower to the ground.

As ever BMW is offering a wide range of engines and specs starting with the entry level Cooper and going up to the John Cooper Works model. Handling is not as good as the hatchback, but if you use the Sports mode you can get a better performance out of the car. Inside the cabin there is lots of space for such a small car and leg and headroom are very impressive. This is especially so in the rear where the seats are a little lower than the front ones. This give a better head space for taller passengers.

BMW reckons that the Paceman is the second most practical Mini model coming only slightly behind the Countryman. With the seats folded you will get 1,080 litres of luggage space and this is only 90 litres less than its stable mate.

The boot opens upwards giving maximum space for loading. Rear seat access is compromised slightly by the fact that this is a three door model and the car will only carry a maximum of four people. The Paceman is not cheap but compared to the Range Rover Evoque, its main rival, it is around half the price.

Motoring magazines are betting that purchases of the Paceman will be guided by emotions as much as sensibility. This may be true but on the credit side, Minis have always and will continue to have strong resale values. The Mini brand is well loved and many people will always want a Mini as their car of choice. BMW does not flood the market with new models and there is a limited amount of the Paceman being built so this too will help to make the car more desirable. The best value for fuel economy and performance is the Cooper SD which returns 57.6 mpg and will go from 0 to 62 mph in 9.2 seconds.

The Mini brand is well loved and Mini owners are fanatical about keeping their cars in tip top condition. Buying a set of car mats for the Mini Paceman will assist in keeping the car clean as well as making journeys much more comfortable. Visit My Car Mats for more information.