The Importance Of Maintaining A Disciplined Life After Gastric Bypass Surgery

All bariatric surgeries aim at weight loss but of varying degrees. Broadly speaking, the surgery can be divided into two categories – aggressive surgery and moderate surgery.  Duodenal switch, lap band surgery, gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass surgery are considered as aggressive surgery as it can reduce excess weight between 50% and 90% depending on conditions of patients. On the other hand gastric balloon surgery can reduce weight around 26% and 46%.  The type of surgery that you have to undergo will depend on how much weight loss has to be achieved and your overall health condition. After all, your health has to take the stress of surgery and have the capabilities of quick recovery. Hence the decision is best left to surgeons and doctors who take care of you.

The Importance Of Maintaining A Disciplined Life After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Health Improvements

Weight loss is a direct effect of gastric bypass and any other type of bariatric surgery that is perceivable from the outside. Another very high impacting health effect of the surgery is that it drastically reduces the mortality rate that can be as high as 89%. This is the average that has been derived over a period of 5 years. This means that post surgery, you are expected to live longer. The other health benefits and its level of risk reduction are listed below.

  • Cardiovascular disease, asthma, Type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome have been reduced by more than 80%.
  • Sleep apnea, hypertension, and gastroesophageal disease reduced by 70% to 90%.
  • Non alcoholic fatty liver disease improved by 90%.

Permanent Health Goals

If you are suffering from obesity and seeking relief then you need to have permanent health goals that can keep you healthy. Weight loss surgery is a life changing event and to sustain its benefits, you have to stick to your health goals for life. Making unwanted changes in it can defeat the purpose of surgery. The strict exercise and diet regimen that is suggested after the surgery has to be strictly adhered to. There cannot be any slip in the program that can lead to dilution of the effects. You have to be strong willed to carry out the program in close consultation with doctors for the rest of your life. Whether the earlier health problems are allowed to recur would depend on your ability to stay disciplined.

Maintaining the Diet Plan

What you eat and how you eat are critical to maintain good health after bariatric surgery. All surgeries limit the food intake capabilities and also it reduces the supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to the body. The digestive system is also weakened a bit and has to be fed with the right types of foods as suggested by the doctors. The food recipes also have to be in line with the bariatric needs. Not depending on foods only, dietary supplements have also to be taken to take care of the deficiencies that arise from the surgery.

To support the good cause of gastric bypass surgery, you cannot neglect the exercise regimen after the surgery. It is essential for good health and libido as well as facilitating the process of weight loss.