The Future of Technology for Young Children

When people talk about the ‘future’ of technology usually they have children in mind because, in fact, children will be the people who benefit greatly from all of the new advances that keep coming. A topic of concern among many parents today is what the new tech will go as far as changing a child’s bedroom, their actual bed (they’ll no doubt need a new bed to store all their gadgets, day beds from might be useful because children will need space to sit  and relax and use their technology.
The fact is, technology is changing the way children see the world very rapidly and it already is affecting the way they learn, interact and grow. In the near future, especially with the rash of school shootings that have the entire nation on edge, home schooling via the internet is going to become very popular. With programs like Skype that make it easy and cheap to see, hear and interact look for children and their teachers to connect in very different ways sometime soon.
Story time is also changing. Simply reading a book is now considered boring and blasé to most kids (even though they don’t know what blasé means yet). ‘Books’ these days are nothing of the sort but instead are stories on tablets like the iPad that are interactive, colorful and have sound. Soon there will even be apps that read to your children for you.
The way that children interact with the world is rapidly changing. The average 8 year old now knows how to use a tablet, a camera, a video camera and a laptop. That’s amazing! Also, as prices drop putting a flat screen TV in your child’s room is even more convenient and can be used as an incredible learning and teaching aid (and to watch cartoons, natch).
The future, frankly, is already here and the tech keeps getting more amazing all the time. What that means for your child is an ever growing number of different ways to learn that, only years ago, wouldn’t even have been possible. Yes it needs to be controlled a bit by mom and dad but, if used correctly, the future of your child’s bedroom is indeed an exciting one.