Marketing with Promotional Products

Marketing is far from easy. Between all of the research marketers must conduct and the campaign development process, marketing a brand or even new products within the brand can be a full-time job for an entire team. If you are looking for an effective way to market your business and improve brand recognition, promotional products may be the answer. These seemingly simple products, if used correctly, will keep your brand in the minds of many and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Whenever you are developing a marketing strategy, you must take time to define your target audience and your goals. After all, without an effective plan, there is no way to assess whether or not your new marketing initiative is working. But before you learn what type of promotional products you should distribute and how you should distribute them, it is important to understand why these affordable gifts are defined as effective marketing tools to expert marketers.

Why Are Promotional Gifts More Effective Than Other Marketing Tools?

In the past, businesses would invest a sizable budget on flyers. The only problem with flyer marketing is that the content is typically never read and the paper becomes a piece of trash rather than a promotional brochure. Everyone loves gifts, whether they are key chain holders, t-shirts, or mouse pads. While your purpose of giving the gift out is to advertise, the customer sees the product as a useful gift that presents some type of value.
Another benefit of promotional product marketing is brand exposure. The more people that can identify your brand, the better. When you have your logo printed on a backpack, a t-shirt, or a notepad, more than just the gift recipient will see it. This subtle form of marketing will get your business the attention it needs to improve brand recognition without costing the business as much as it would cost for traditional billboard and newspaper advertising.

When Should You Give Customers and Prospects Promotional Gifts?

There a number of different scenarios where giving promotional products would be appropriate. You can give these products to existing clients and also to prospective clients that you want to build trust with in the future. Here are some of the most popular scenarios when promotional products can be used as marketing tools and goodwill gestures:
– Giving gifts to existing clients who refer business to the agency. These products will act as advertisements and will also keep your clients satisfied.
– Passing out promotional products at booths or in front of the storefront just to generate brand awareness in the local vicinity.
– Sending promotional gifts as a “thank you” rather than sending a letter or an email. This is an effective way to retain customers and to encourage repeat business.
– To encourage customers to sign up for your email list or to subscribe to your loyalty program. The gift will help you build your other marketing lists and your relationship with your clients.

What Are the Most Effective Ways to Distribute Promotional Products?

There are a variety of different methods of distribution that you can try when you are using promotional products for marketing purposes. Typically, face-to-face distribution is the most effective because you can gauge the customers response to the gift. You can also try direct mail, but the costs of distribution will be higher because of postage. Here are some face-to-face distribution methods that are very effective:
– Trade shows, expos, and conventions
– Thank-you gifts
– Gifts at holiday parties, special corporate events, and grand openings
– Marketing to others within in the industry in conferences and meetings
As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to marketing with promotional products. With a detailed strategy, realistic expectations, and innovative gifts that your clients will use, you can establish your brand and keep that brand on the customers’ minds.