The Evolution Of Printing Technology And Hot Prints Types

Printing and technology has undergone huge change and development from its inception in the early nineteenth century. In the present times, we have easier, faster and economical way of printing which is effectively done by hot printing process. This is a process in which lot of calculated quantum of heat and pressure is applied on the letter form which is in a die through the colored foil on to the substrate to get the required imaging. There are different types of hot stamping and foiling process that is followed in the printing presses and each one has its own benefits, effectiveness and price apart from the quality of print.

The Evolution Of Printing Technology And Hot Prints Types

Cut Brass Type Printing

This is a process that is specifically designed for letter bindings and hot stamping. The type is made out of solid pieces of alloys of brass with the help of machines. These types are good conductor of heat and do not deform or melt under pressure. The cut of the type is deep and clear to give a distinct and sharp impression on both hard and soft type of materials used for HotPrints. These types are durable and are more uniform considering the shape of it.

Monel Type For Stamping

All the types that are used for printing are cast out of molten metal apart from the types of cut brass or printing plates made of photo-etched metals. Therefore, these types are also known as cast types. These types made form molten metal are available either as individual letters or as a whole line that is to be imprinted. Out of these molten metal types the best cast type is made out of Monel designed specifically for HotPrints. Monel is a hard alloy made from a mixture of nickel and copper and is corrosion resistant. This specific property of Monel prevents ‘Pitting’ which is usually associated with lead types.

Some Other Kinds Of Types

There are also some other kinds of types used for printing like the Foundry Hand type which is set by hand. Made from an alloy of lead these types were most commonly used in the earlier times. You will also get the Ludlow type which is popular for hot stamping for its simplicity, different variety and softness. Nowadays you will find extensive use of Monotype which is a small caster usually made up of batches of single letters. Usually made out of lead alloy, few presses are also using a harder variety of it with a higher percentage of tin in it.