How To Find An Apartment and How To Furnish It?

It is better to look for an apartment through your acquaintances, friends, relatives and colleagues. First of all, you want to ring up all your friends or post a message on social networks saying that you are looking for a condo near me. If you cannot find anything this way, then you may want to turn to ads.

Do not respond to paper ads glued to poles! It is much better to use proven Internet services.

Do not look at the photos; they often do not correspond to reality.

Take into consideration the city area and transport accessibility. Most often, it is difficult to distinguish objectively poor and disadvantaged areas, so choose one to your liking. However, one of the most important criteria is the distance from home to the nearest metro station, to the city center or to work. How much time you will have to spend every day to get from home to work?

You should not rent the first available apartment. See at least 2-3 options so that you have something to compare.

How To Find An Apartment and How To Furnish It?
Once you find a good apartment, it is necessary to furnish it especially if the apartment is not in very good condition.

1. Making the apartment homier

As a rule, in the room, there is one central chandelier. A good way to change the situation is to add additional light sources. It is better if the lamps and floor lamps have clamps. In this case, it will be easier to create a mood and other various lighting solutions. If you hang a special lamp, the room will seem much homier to you.

2. Cushions and poufs

Decorative cushions are a real find. With their help, it is easy to create a unified stylistic composition for the interior.

Here you can use different colors and shapes. On the chairs and stools, such cushions are used for softening. And if friends decide to drop by your place, there will always be a place on the floor where it is possible to nestle on the cushions.

Puffs are also excellent sources of additional comfort. They are easy to move and they create a cozy atmosphere.

3. Glass jars

Do not throw away glass jars. It is easy to use them as convenient receptacles for food storage. Theyarefunctionalandbeautiful.

Glass jars will come in handy if there is no special vases for flowers. This is a quick and inexpensive way to decorate a room, albeit short-lived. In winter, instead of flowers, you can use dry twigs as decoration.

4. Simple furniture

It is better to use multi-functional modular furniture. It is easy to move and you will be able to create the desired composition.

5. When you have one apartment for three people

Nowadays, it is fashionable to rent an apartment with two or three people. This is more economical, and more fun. What’s more, a collective furnishing is more rational: someone can buy curtains; someone will buy mats, an iron, a food processor and other necessary stuff.