The Essentials Of Post-Painting Care

People are often wrong by thinking that once the walls have been painted, no additional care is needed. In fact, it is then that the walls require special attention, and in order to be spotless and well maintained, there are a lot of things which you have to do to keep them that way. For starts, you can read this guide which will teach you the basics of post painting care and how to preserve the paint on your walls. Here are the most important things about the post painting care.

The Essentials Of Post-Painting Care

What to use and when to Apply it?

Usually, it takes about 10 to 15 days for the pain to set in, and that period is the most important period for anything you do to the walls, it will have consequences. Therefore it is highly suggested that you let the walls dry for the period, and not use any chemicals or cleaners, even if you created a stain on the wall. Once the drying period is over, you can use non-abrasive chemicals which will not do any damage to the surface of the wall. In addition, these chemicals are environmentally friendly and will not hurt your hand in the process. Not only that, but they will remove all the stains you have created in the meantime. Make sure to dilute it in water properly.

The Essentials Of Post-Painting Care

Simple Tactics for Easy Cleaning

If you want to thoroughly clean your latex painted walls, all you need is a bucket of warm water, an all-purpose cleaner, one or two rugs and a dry towel. What you do next is dip the rug in the water and cleaner mixture, clean the wall afterwards with circular motions and in the end, use another rug dipped inside the hot water to clean the walls again. The first cleaning will remove all the stains and other spots that are created on the wall, and the second cleaning will make sure that all of the chemicals are gone from the wall, leaving the paint spotless and clean. You will have to dry everything properly using the dry towel. This is very important, so make sure you dry every single spot for a single drop of water can do more damage than you can imagine.

The Essentials Of Post-Painting Care

Repainting the Walls and Touching Up

Rooms prone to dirt such as kitchen and the entrance hall have to be repainted from time to time. Or, you can simply touch up the paint from time to time, or even do both, depending on the amount of dirt caused on the walls. Repainting can be a difficult task, therefore pay extra care when doing it. Start by matching the right coat of paint and use the same tools used last time the walls were repainted. Repainting won’t damage the walls nor will make the colour different from the rest of the wall; in fact, it will refresh the colour and clean up all the dirty spots created previously, claim at a Sydney-based firm providing quality painting services. It does not matter which tools you have used the last time, as long as you use the same ones again.

The Essentials Of Post-Painting Care

Potential Problems

There are many types of dirt on your walls, and all of them require specific care and different tools to clean them with. For instance, scrubbing the walls heavily will just damage the paint and will result in more damage than good. Stains from a permanent market require more work and the usage of sponge. But, you must control the strength of the brushing otherwise you will not do any good. In order to prevent stains from appearing on your walls, consider using preventive rubber bumpers. Yes, they cost a few extra dollars, but will save you the trouble of having to repaint the walls and clean the stains.

Taking care of walls is a difficult task, and it starts once the fresh paint is put on. The more careful you are, the less will you have to do to keep the paint on spotless. Knowing these essential things about the paint will help you the next time you decide to paint your walls.

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