Boredom And Cleaning

If you’re a teenager, have a lot of free time and are bored this article is for you. Try some of the activities and see how you’ll feel.

I suppose all of you have had those days when there is nothing interesting in the TV, you can’t go out with friends because everyone has plans. You’re all alone at home and since you don’t want to go on a walk alone you have to figure out what to do. Of course the reasonable choice is the computer or laptop, but I’m sure that at some point all the social networks and funny sites become boring. Then you put all your trust into the PS3 or X-Box with the hope that you’ll finally be amused.

After an hour or two you realize you’ve already completed every game you own and again the fight with boredom continues. You even start considering the possibility of reading a book, but as a strange feeling in your stomach starts to form you abandon this idea. Is is not lunch time yet but since there is nothing to do you decide to cook something. The result is something between mud cake, vomited spinach and rotten fruits but it is surprisingly tasty.

After you’re done with the forenoon breakfast you look the clock and get more desperate, there is more than a day and you have nothing to do. There is no point in trying to go to sleep because you’ve gotten up late. You’re reconsidering the option of reading a book, when suddenly an idea is born, strange and unusual, your brain is trying to silence it because it is associated with physical action and you’re quite lazy. After some consideration you finally figure it out, better do it because there will be benefits.

The Solution

Did I got your attention? Read the next few lines all along and you’ll see my point, I’m talking about cleaning the house or as much as you can. Before you close the page and continue to think of something to fill your time with. Imagine what can happen if you do it, your parents will get back home and be really surprised you cleaned. So take the vacuum cleaners and start with carpet cleaning and after that you will have the chance to ask your parents for something you want and know they won’t allow. Be smart and ask for something little, next time you’ll do it again.

As you’re thinking this is a great plane go to the cupboard your mother keeps the cleaning solutions and tools and look them closely. Before you decide to use one, read the label carefully and follow the instructions correctly. Start with something simple like vacuuming the carpets and rugs and if you feel confident beating them. It shouldn’t take more than half an hour considering this is your first time, do horizontal and vertical motions that way you’ll ensure the removal of soil and dirt.

Next comes the hard flooring or tiles, whatever you have. You’ll need a mop, a bucket of lukewarm water and the appropriate cleaning solution. If you can’t find it maybe there is no need of a detergent, in that case squeeze half a lemon in the bucket, stir and mop the floor. The lemon juice is a natural air freshener and the acid will remove minor stains. Next on the list are the windows, this chore will take up to half an hour for all the windows in the home.

If you’re up to a challenge try cleaning the bathroom, parents will be impressed and you’ll spend about a hour or two in the process. There are always chores that have to be done around the house and if you want to help do some of them. This will be a good training for your future life as an adult, if not continue looking at one point and let the life slip through your fingers. As one teenager to another cleaning can be fun if you know how to make it.