The Essential Pieces Of Equipment You’ll Need To Keep Your Hot Tub Or Spa Clean

If you own a hot tub or spa then you’ll want to spend your spare time enjoying the experience, not hour after hour trying to keep it clean. Of course it’s essential to have bacteria free water and a clean hygienic hot tub and that doesn’t happen without a certain amount of time being spent. However, there are items of cleaning equipment that can make the process far easier and quicker and we recently asked what these are.

First of all you’ll need to keep the surface of the water free from fallen leaves, twigs and other bits of debris that can fall in, so arm yourself with a Leaf Skim Net with a telescopic handle that can reach into the middle of your hot tub or spa. To remove bits of grit and small stones that always seem to find their way in you’ll need another gadget. For a budget version try the Micro Vac 2 which is simple to operate with it’s snap-in brush and vacuum head. The Pool Blaster Aqua Broom would also make a good choice being battery powered but more powerful than any wand type cleaners. It comes with an optional micro filter bag and can remove not only grit and sand but algae as well.

If you want to remove just small amounts of grit and dirt from the bottom of your hot tub or spa then try the Grit Gitter instead. It’s the perfect solution to removing grit and small stones and works by simply placing over the grit, squeezing the device and it will quickly suck up the debris. It’s available in two sizes; the standard version for smaller hot tubs or the Grit Gitter Stretch ,suitable for larger hot tubs or spas.