How To Find The Best Duck Hunting Properties For Sale

Some of you hunters have grown tired of trying to find good hunting property every year and fighting off the competition of a bazillion other hunters. That’s what brought you the point of buying a property–one you can own and hunt on any time you choose. When you’re scouting out duck hunting properties for sale, there are several top strategies to finding the best ones.

Buddy Up with a Specialized Hunting Property Realtor

It’s become so popular for hunters to buy hunting properties, that some real estate brokers have taken to specializing in these types of properties. These realtors have connections and experience that will broaden your hunting, ranching, and farming prospects in a nice way. Sometimes they offer extra services, such as management and consulting. If you’re a newbie to land-ownership, this could save your hide. What’s more, they might even be able to help you score real estate funding and conservation easements, such as a Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP). Become best buds with these guys.

Talk to the Game Warden

The game warden knows where the ducks and geese like to hang out. He’ll also be able to tell you if a property has the potential to become a great duck habitat. And he’s the guy who’s familiar with surrounding land too. If the surrounding land has been reduced to a desert-like landscape, your potential for creating a property that attracts waterfowl is pretty nil. Get a good feel for the area before you drop a down payment on a property.

Meet the Neighbors

While you’re at it, talk to the neighbors too. The people who live around there can tell you better than anyone if ducks and geese come to visit. You’ll also get to gauge if your neighbors will be friendly neighbors. Maybe some of them like to hunt too. On the other hand, if they oppose hunting or if they’ve got goose pits along your entire boundary line, you’ll be better off finding a friendlier place to buy. This is also your chance to find out if there are boundary disputes that could surface, such as a river bottom that shifts property lines.

Evaluate How Much You Need to Invest

When you’re looking at duck hunting properties for sale, determine how much land you need. If you’ve got a buddy that’s willing to go halves with you, you can double your purchasing power and share the maintenance costs. Decide if you need land that’s ready to go or if you don’t mind a development project (i.e. turning farmland into a duck hunting habitat). Regardless of your choice, you’ll need to plan for costs of land ownership. It’s not for those who are living paycheck-to-paycheck. You might need to buy large equipment or trees or fix fences.

When you enlist the help of the right people, you’ll be on your way to finding the best duck hunting properties for sale. And once you’ve secured your happy hunting grounds, the real fun starts!