The Do’s and Don’ts Checklist To Follow When Giving Your Driving Test

Every year thousands of people appear for the driving test. The unpleasant truth to swallow is that only a few portions of the applied candidates pass the test while others fail. The reason behind the failure is the mistakes, which are very common for a normal human being.

The Do’s and Don’ts Checklist To Follow When Giving Your Driving Test

So, here are some tips for you to keep in mind while giving your driving test, so that you don’t panic and pass the test easily.

List of Do’s

  • Be Confident – Whatever you do, do it with full confidence. Drive normally as you have practiced in driving lessons.
  • Conversation with the Examiner – A nice casual talk to your examiner before the exam can make you calm and reduce your tension to some level. Even though the talk will not affect the result of your test but it will atleast reduce your stress.
  • Presence of Mind – A good driver is one who thinks calmly in every situation. Not only does he/she know driving but also to drive safely. Sometimes your presence of mind can automatically make you pass the test. You should try to avoid or prevent the accidents.
  • Learn to Prioritize – One should always know the need of the hour. You should always keep important things first. For example, it would be very silly of you if you talk on the phone during your driving test, you will immediately fail!
  • Fault Tolerance – Even if you have made mistakes, you can continue driving normally. Act normal even if you commit a small mistake and carry out rest of the test in a flow. For example, if the examiner asks you to take a left turn, but by mistake you take right turn and there is a traffic signal out there. You should wait for the signal to go green and move further rather than panicking.
  • Accept your Mistakes – Everyone makes mistakes. It is normal human tendency. One should not argue with the examiner but accept his/her mistake and behave maturely.

List of Don’ts

  • Don’t act too smart – While giving your test remember one thing, you are the examinee and the person sitting right beside you knows things way better than you do. So, do not try to be dominant and do what you are told to.
  • Don’t turn on the radio – Remember you are an applicant who is under observation. There is a lot of difference between confidence and overconfidence. Don’t turn on the radio just to look cool. It may not leave a positive impact on the examiner.
  • Don’t Panic – Don’t let your weak side dominant your strong side. You can easily pass this 40 minutes test with minimal efforts.
  • Don’t forget the basics – Don’t make silly mistakes. Stick to your basics. You should keep in mind the traffic signals, notice the signs, keep the speed limit in mind, etc.

Driving test is one of the tests which you can pass easily if you have the basic knowledge, patience and presence of mind. The above precautions will help you to some extent to make your driving test experience a little better.

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