The Charm Of Re-Designing A Townhouse

Townhouses are all the rage across the country, with refurbishment projects bringing old townhouses back to life, both in the UK and in foreign climes. In recent times property investors are seeing the worth in investing in townhouses and putting together plans, involving architects with townhouse design experience, and transforming old fashioned designs into modern properties. The other option many choose to undertake is to refurbish townhouses and reacquaint them with their past glories, remaining faithful to original designs both structurally and décor wise.

Let’s take a look at a region of the world where there is currently many old townhouses up for sale, or in a dilapidated state that is perfect for investors to take a chance on, without having to worry about spending over the odds financially. In the Balearic Islands, such as Menorca or Mallorca, there are countless townhouses that are being snapped up by foreign property investors. They are available at a cut down price when compared to UK townhouses and other properties over here, due to them being in dire need of restoration, renovation or complete modernisation.

They are good properties to invest in due to the location, with many old townhouses being located in the heart of towns and cities, close to amenities, services, shops, restaurants and good transport links. With old townhouses that are a little dilapidated, it offers the buyer a chance to negotiate and get the price as low as they possibly can, understanding that with good design and planning, the refurbishment of a townhouse can bring with it huge rewards.

The first reward could be financially, either restoring a property to its former glory and selling it on for a profit as a modern example of fine architecture and urban design, it can be leased out on a short-term basis to holidaymakers, or used for the purposes of a holiday/long-term home for the property investor in question.

Where it comes in handy to work with an architectural and design firm that understands townhouses is that it could be vital to the success of a project that traditional values, designs and materials are used and sought after through a renovation project of a townhouse, whether in Spain, the UK, or anywhere else for that matter. It is vital to the integrity of any property development that you pay attention to the fine detail that was put in place when the structure was first built and that any development does not become a burden on the land, the immediate surrounding areas and the wider community by becoming something completely different to what it was originally designed as.

This attention to detail in design and the planning of building materials and interior design can matter to the building structure itself and the floor plans and design, or the types of windows and glass used, or the flooring. There are many different aspects of a townhouse to consider when investing in the property. Having the ability to renovate and make an old, tired-looking property shine again is a magical investment to be a part of

Borris Adams