Kitchen Cabinets Makeovers

Re-designing your kitchen can be one of the greatest home investments you can make this year. A well-planned kitchen can up the overall cost of your house. Not all remodeling projects have to be costly; you can tweak some things here and there to achieve a decent makeover. This article will discuss three main topics (facilities, space, and design) that will help you decide what exactly needs re-designing.

Facilities and kitchen features

What you include within the kitchen should be exactly what you will use on a day to day basis and not what you think you will need or have been planning on using. If your kitchen does not serve as a dining spot, you can easily just fit in the normal features & furnishings: stove, hob, sink, countertops, storage for ingredients, storage for cooking utensils, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, etc.

If your kitchen doubles as a dining area, also think about adding the following: dining table, chairs, storage for crockery. Try to picture the overall image of your kitchen with the features and furnishings you have decided upon. Make sure it doesn’t portray a cluttered environment. Less is more when it comes to building a well-designed kitchen.


Apart from looking cluttered, you must also check that all the appliances and furnishings will actually fit the available space. This will require some work and having the stuff already decided upon so you can list sizes and compare. Of course, if going through a contractor, they will worry about all this process. Be aware that some locations will have to be “as-is”. For example, sinks must be positioned to the location of water supply (obviously) as well as stoves and refrigerators or freezers being close to electrical outlets. Visit local kitchen exhibitions to get ideas about where to place storage areas and take advantage of the way your kitchen space is set up.


After having a rough draft for your kitchen floor, you must decide on design that will bring your kitchen and your home together. You are looking for a harmonious look. This could mean that it should have a contemporary look or maybe wooden accents are what you need. To picture your kitchen design, take into account other spaces surrounding your kitchen, floor covering, countertop, lighting, texture, and wall décor.

Getting started

Before tearing apart your kitchen, look to see if you can savage parts of it! This could save you money if it is a do-it-yourself project. On the other hand, if it is not, then do not worry about that step. Deciding if you need professional help all depends on how worn your current kitchen is. If it is not worn, but old-looking, you can try varnishing the furnishings and buying contemporary light fixtures to up the look.

There are always ways to save money when working with projects. The trick is analyzing what you can save on; finding out exactly what you need to re-do and what you can leave as-is. You can look for financing options if you want to have the project finalized quickly. Another option is to phase out the project into steps so you can distribute out the total price into smaller budgets. Whatever method you choose, make the best of your project and enjoy your renewed kitchen cabinets.

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