The 5 Bits Of Kit You’ll Need In A Zombie Apocalypse

If you want to survive in a world ruled by the walking dead, you’ll need more than a rifle and some sandwiches. Check out this list of the five most indispensable survival items, and keep the night walkers at bay!

 Waterproof Matches

Not all technology is plugged into the mains – and of course when the power goes out, the only bits of kit that will really help you survive are the ones that have their own source of basic power. You don’t get more basic than a match – and you don’t get more high tech than a waterproof match, That’s right – now you can strike fear into the hearts of the undead with the element man needs most, even in the middle of a rain storm! Of course, if it’s raining too hard then the fire you light with your waterproof match will go out anyway, but hey – at least you tried, right?

 The Humble Multi Tool

The multi tool has its place at the end of the world as well as in the kitchen drawer. Plenty of knife blades, pliers and mini screwdrivers – all useful when you’re trying to gain access to locked down facilities, or break into the last tin of food in your rations pack. Plus if you get really unlucky you can use it as a last-ditch weapon: so make sure it’s always in your pocket and not tucked out of sight in your backpack.

 A GPS Locator

The 5 Bits Of Kit You’ll Need In A Zombie Apocalypse

The zombies might have knocked out most of the communications on earth, but they can’t fly. A GPS – otherwise known as a global positioning satellite – may be your best chance of working out where you are and where you need to go. Get yourself a pocket model and you’ll be amble to create geocaching waypoints as you go – ideal for finding your way back to a safe haven if you get lost or surrounded. One of the drawbacks of this technology, unfortunately, is that you can’t see satellites when they can’t see you: so if you are forced into hiding you won’t be able to identify your location until it’s safe to come out and point the receiver at the sky.

 A Backup Battery

You’ll need access to power when the grid goes – and if you’re on the move, there’s a strong chance that you won’t be located neat handy plug points anyway. Backup batteries are designed to fuel extreme expeditions, and run off the same technology that powers next generation hydrogen cars. You get a lot of bang for your buck, and you ought to be able to plug in your smart phone, your GPS locator and your other portable electronic goodies.

 A Two Way Radio

When the traditional channels of communication have gone dead and you’re holed up in your bunker, wondering whether there’s anyone left alive, your two way radio could be your only lifeline to the outside world. Plus, if your group gets split up in the night you’ll need it to coordinate a regrouping. You can buy radios online by following the link. Good luck!

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