Technology Updates you Need in your Truck – A Look into the Reasons

Someone who has been to a trucking conference will know that there is an endless list of add-ons which could be put in their trucks by the fleets in case they wanted to. There are many innovative agencies which are producing different sorts of devices and credible technology by integrating both software and hardware which can be plugged into trucks from all angles and which claim to provide you with benefits in the regular routine of trucking and fleeting operations.

This is partially because this is one of the most varied industries which encompass a number of sub-industries with kinds of fleets which face their personal complexities. With time, technology finds a quicker and easier way of bringing about a sweeping change in the industry. Here are few tech updates for your truck.

#1: Dynamic routing

In fleet and trucking operations, you are actually moving either workers or goods from one place to another for purposes of delivery. With dynamic routing, you can add on data and adjustability to notify the paths that you take, particularly with the weather and traffic information which can get closer to that ‘real-time’ data. With the accurate GPS info, you can cut down on the unnecessary miles which you travel and take a shorter route. Thanks to the developers, dynamic routing software is gradually getting smarter and this leads to automatic optimization and savings of a huge amount.

#2: Onboard weighing systems

Have you heard of the fact that carrying an overloaded truck is illegal as per the laws of the roads in US? If you know this, then you will probably understand the importance of using such onboard weighing systems which you get from as they can help you in measuring the weight of your truck or any other vehicle before setting out. Once you load your truck and check the weight of the truck, you can make adjustments as per the right weight that you should carry according to the law. You won’t suffer from harassments on road and there will be no loss of stock as well.

#3: Camera systems for looking forward

In-cab camera systems have been here for few years now and they are now called the ‘dash cam’. With time, they’ve been getting better, both in terms of quality and the way they operate. The video systems of vehicles have been tracked with the evolution of digital cameras and since then they have seen few big improvements in usability even in low light, processing of images and high definition capturing of images as the memory or storage space has been ballooned like never before. Hence, fleets and trucking companies should install camera systems for better viewing.

Therefore, now that the technology has been upgrading with time, you have to upgrade your vehicles too by installing the best tech gadgets. In case you’re a truck driver and you wish to stay on top of technology, make sure you install the above listed gadgets.