E-commerce Technology & Trends for 2018

The market trends for e-commerce are rapidly changing and improving. Personas or habits which were famous last year might not be that famous this year, and with technologies enhancing and developing so quickly, the competitiveness of the businesses and organizations don’t feel like changing or doing anything about it. However, you might want to adopt it.

It is quite essential to stay updated with the latest technology and trends if you want your sales to excel and flourish. Some of the best e-commerce trends for 2018 are:

1) Mobile Optimization:

Majority of the cell phone users are using their phones for purchasing different kinds of products and services. For them, it’s quite easy and convenient for the shoppers online. For 2018, if organizations want to stay ahead in the game and sell their products effectively, they will have to make their websites user-friendly as much as possible.

2) Social Media:

For business owners at e-commerce websites, social media is the most powerful tool. This should be a part of their marketing strategy and tool for customer services for retaining and attracting the customers.

3) Brick-and-mortar:

If your business is also offering the location for brick-and-mortar, meaning providing the in-store and online experience, this will assist your business to stay ahead of your counterparts in the industry. Businesses which have their store located in favourable locations for their customers can provide the pick up from the store option to the customers.

4) Influencer Marketing:

This can be the most considerable marketing investment for social media influencers for the business. Eventually, you come across a well-reputed and trustworthy source from the industry and ask them to endorse your particular service or product on social media platforms.

According to deans, brands using the most highly anticipated influencers with followers who are highly engaged have the chances for increased traffic, sales, and awareness for their e-commerce websites.

E-Commerce Predictions for 2018:

Some of the predictions for 2018 are as follows:

1) Improved Customer Experience:

Most of the professionals in e-commerce are not concerned about changing the colors on buttons and banners. The conversation today has moved to thinking about the complete journey of the shoppers and techniques for improving its elements.

Since the barrier to enter the e-commerce industry is collapsing, there are many start-ups at e-commerce in every category competing for your attention and affection. Currently, many different thousands of technology and marketing vendors are trying their best to sell the organizations the technologies helping them transport the experiences digitally.

2) Artificial Intelligence – Making a Significant Impact:

With the rise in the development of storytelling and growth hacking, no other word has gathered much attention and importance in 2017 other than the famous artificial intelligence. It has changed the big data with all of them conversing but not doing anything about it.

Some of the applications in artificial intelligence are solving the less attractive problems, like strategic recommendations to cater new visitors to e-commerce websites. While artificial intelligence will not be turning the retail sector anytime soon, applications which are practical for machine learning to the most mainstream problems at e-commerce will multiply in 2018 by assisting the brands which are adopting the latest technology and trends.

3) Brands with Less Value:

While Amazon is getting attention all over the world, the conventional retail strategies are being targeted with the fact that more shoppers monthly are equivocal about their clothes and the logo placed on it. For many, the 12 dollar polo t-shirt without a logo is just as equal as the 70 dollar Lacoste polo with a crocodile logo put on it.