Taking High Dosages Of Powerful Peptides

While consuming certain foods may cause lack of sleep and result in weight gain, peptides can help in weight loss by combating insomnia. However, no studies have been done that go to show whether these anabolic agents are effective in helping a person lose weight or not. The anabolic agents are, however, to be used in cycles.

Powerful Peptides and Bodybuilding

These anabolic agents are known for helping bodybuilders with building their muscles effectively. It can increase the secretion of hormones post-exercise and can increase resting. They are anti-hypoxic, implying that they will prevent the muscles from losing more oxygen and help you after you have trained intensely. They are also neuroprotective or in other words, they augment the potential of the cell energy, helping you to train harder. One of the studies conducted on these peptides showed that they increased the strength of the muscles, but only in people, who were either psychotic or neurotic. However, the study conducted on weightlifters did not show any increase in the amount of weight they lifted. You should not consider these anabolic agents as simple performance enhancers, but as something more than that. You must, therefore, take it in moderate quantities rather than in higher quantities.

Taking High Dosages Of Powerful Peptides

The Right Way to Take these Anabolic Agents

You could take the performance enhancers in three ways – either in the form of a powder, crystals, or in the form of a capsule. The crystal and the powder are a little sour in taste, whereas the capsule form does not have any such taste. You could purchase these encapsulated energy boosters either in bulk or online in smaller quantities. To make things efficient and convenient, it would be better to buy the capsule form of these performance enhancers. If you are, however, considering taking the powder form, then you should take it with sweet citrus juice or some other sweet juice to kill the sour taste of the powder form of the energy enhancers.

The Optimal Dosage of the Peptides

The vast majority of research studies that were conducted on these peptides have only been conducted on dosages of up to three grams a day. However, many people tend to take much higher dosages and for a longer period of time than necessary. The more is better fallacy is what makes people consume these anabolic agents indiscriminately. Withdrawal from taking these performance enhancers is quite difficult, considering that it may lead to addiction as one of the withdrawal symptoms of the same. Taking in 3 grams of the anabolic agents per day will result in a strong tolerance to the effects of the same. Athletes are recommended to stick to a low dosage of the peptides while training.

The Side-effects of Consuming these Nootropics

Taking high dosages of Phenibut pills can cause changes in the dream patterns of a person. In fact, they can remember all their dreams – whether good or bad. It could also possibly cause pain and numbness in the limbs of those who have consumed this memory enhancer. It would, therefore, be advisable only to take in a certain quantity of the same and not more.