Energy Saving Constructions

Over the past twenty years, industrial companies have become better at processes like waste disposal, ventilation and dedusting and have often chosen products from Hoecker Polytechnik to achieve their aims.

Energy Saving Constructions

However, while technology has advanced, energy efficiency has lagged sometimes, meaning that costs can remain high and the impact on the environment can be greater than necessary.

Applying Technology to Drive Energy Efficiency

Hoecker Polytechnik have found some solutions to the energy efficiency problem, with a wide range of energy saving products. This includes sophisticated programmable control systems. These products have been expressly designed to work with waste disposal or ventilation units to increase efficiency. In some cases, the installation of programmable controls has raised energy efficiency by 60 percent.

Installing these advanced controls is part of the daily job of our technicians, as more and more firms demand cost and energy savings. At each workplace, technicians record energy usage and needs, and then calculate how much energy can be saved. In very little time, clients see significant cost savings after installation, as their processes become streamlined and lean, helping their bottom line and the environment.

Other products have been adapted to include energy efficiency features. Dedusting units, for example, include specially engineered drive systems in the IE2 and IE3 efficiency class.

Make Major Savings by using Advanced Controls in Ventilation and Dedusting

Major savings are achieved by combining this kind of advanced engineering with control systems that are tailored to the needs of industrial settings.

Energy Saving Constructions

Dedusting units can be made much more efficient, as exhaust systems can be tightly controlled, reducing energy consumption by exhaust and conveying fans to a minimum. Additionally, the use of frequency converters in the fans themselves allows them to be closely controlled.

The same savings can be achieved regarding ventilation units. Hoecker Polytechnik manufactures ventilation plants which save 50 percent or more of the energy used in ventilation processes via heat recovery. These can be in the form of circulating heat exchangers, conventional plate heat exchangers or thermal insulation composite systems – depending on the type of enterprise being operated.

So there are plenty of options for firms seeking energy efficiency solutions. Whether this regards dedusting or ventilation, advanced controls can deliver enormous cost and environmental benefits.