Sports Medicine Is A Growing Field

According to a 2010 study, 1 percent of all sports medical professionals work in Colorado. The number of medical professionals in the sports industry has grown by 4 percent over the last four years in Colorado.

Sports Doctor

A sports doctor is a medical professional who specializes in the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of injuries that occur from sports or athletic activities. This type of doctor generally focuses on bone, muscle and joint health. They can also offer a generalized medical service as well when needed.

Sports medicine schooling prepares these doctors to work either in a traditional clinic or hospital setting, but they specialize in giving medical services during sporting events. Where ever they choose to work, they enjoy the gratification of facilitating the recovery of active people from sports related injuries and help them to return to their normal lifestyles.

Sports medicine is an evolving field. In addition to working for an athletic team or in a physician’s office, sports doctors sometimes also work in fitness centers, clinics and hospitals. Some sport doctors go on to focus on specific groups such as school children or geriatric populations.


Students who pursue schooling for sports medicine must complete a bachelor’s degree. A pre-med focus gives them a stable foundation in chemistry, biology and physics. There is a lot of competition to get into medical school, so students must score high grades to qualify to be a good applicant. Students also have to pass a test to be admitted to a medical college. Most sport doctors are sports lovers and enjoy a history of being involved in sports throughout their lives. Sports medicine is known as a sub-specialty, which means that doctors of sports medicine also need to get an additional certification in sports medicine.

Scope of Practice

Sport doctors Diagnose and manages musculoskeletal injuries in active people. To help in their diagnosis they are trained to interpret and use x-rays, bone scans, MRI, CT, ultrasounds and arthrograms. They help to advise clients with musculoskeletal conditions on the correct way to prevent injuries, proper rehabilitation techniques and how best to return to play. They also help athletes to pursue their long term goals in sports.

Sport medicine doctors also promote healthy active fitness, wellness and living. They have knowledge about proper bracing, taping, splinting and orthotics for injury. These doctors are also experts about nutritional issues dealing with sport performance and electrolyte replacement.

They are known to work closely with a variety of other health care providers such as athletic therapists, physiotherapists, radiologists and pedorthists. They stay in close communication with parents, coaches, trainers, administrators and teachers in regards to athletes and the injuries that can affect their sports performance.

A sports medicine doctor is a vital element to any sports team. They offer invaluable advice on a variety of sports related topics and medical services related to sport injuries. They not only heal the injured, they also prevent their clients from getting injured in the first place.