Six Clothing Items That Every Girl Needs In Their Summer Wardrobe

Summer fashion is obviously very different to what you would wear during winter, meaning there are several items which you may not already own. Furthermore, you want to make sure that your staple pieces will never go out of fashion. If you are not sure what those evergreen classics are in womens fashion clothing, we have got you covered. 

Oversized White Linen Shirts

One thing that is common in the summer months is oversized clothing and there is an obvious reason behind that. That is why the oversized white linen shirt has made it onto the list. This is a timeless classic that is not only worn in summer but can be worn during springtime as well. It is something that every girl needs to be wearing during this period. 

There are many different oversized linen shirts out there to wear with a variety of different colours. However, white is the recommended colour as it doesn’t absorb heat as much as black, plus it can be worn with anything. If your office requires that smart casual look, this is the perfect shirt for that. If you wish to wear something over the top of your stunning swimsuit then wear an overshirt over the top. There are endless items that you can wear with your white linen shirt so you should never be stuck. 


Cami Tops

Next up is the cami tops and they are a piece of clothing which every girl needs in their wardrobe. It’s a versatile top that can be worn with many things such as denim jean shorts or even other shorts. It is perfect for getting you those tanned arms as well. Additionally, we would recommend wearing just a plain cami top as they are more versatile. If the temperature drops a little, wear the oversized linen shirt that we mentioned previously as a jacket. 


White Blazer

Summer is all about wearing light colours and not something that is dark and conducts heat. That is why the white blazer is a great addition to your wardrobe and is perfect for those more formal outings with your friends. The type of nights where you go for evening cocktails along the riverside. 

The white blazer is perfect for those formal occasions all year round however when it comes to choosing a material, linen would be more appropriate. If you are looking for another layer to level up your style, it is the white blazer. Don’t be afraid to wear a blazer with nothing underneath either, that style is very much on-trend at the moment. 


Wide-Legged Trousers

Wide-legged trousers are on-trend at the moment and it is something that you should be wearing. Again, this is something for those dressy occasions and stunning girly nights out when you want to turn heads. Either wear a cropped version of these particular trousers or a full leg pair. If you are not a fan of wearing dresses then these trousers are the ones to be wearing. 


Cropped T-Shirts

Now for the more casual outfits, a cropped t-shirt is the perfect choice for you. These types of t-shirts with a pair of jeans and shorts are the go-to casual outfit for when you are going to the cafe with a few of your friends. Plus, there are certain styles of this top which will have baggy sleeves, making it much more breathable. Complete your outfit with a large pair of black sunglasses covering half of your face, you know the type. 


Black Swimsuit

Up next, black swimsuits. We know we said that you should avoid the colour black but with swimsuits, it is very different. Not only will you be showing most of your skin anyways, but you will also be jumping in and out of the pool. Wear a gorgeous pair of espadrilles and sunglasses to complete your whole beach outfit and then you are onto a winner. 



There you have it, six stunning and essential items that every girl needs to own this summer. You need to have all of the important clothes to ensure you have the items that can be worn every year for summer. Have a range of casual clothing as well as the type of outfits you would wear for your girl’s night outs.