Should You Work For An SEO Company?

One of the most popular and result yielding career paths in modern times happens to be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing. Those who are into digital marketing and the internet will fancy this career choice the most. However, it must be noted that not everyone is cut out to be a search engine optimization executive as you will be requiring few skills. Here are some tips to help you decide if you’re cut out for a role at an SEO company.

Should You Work For An SEO Company?


If you happen to show proficiency in writing, then working with Google, Bing and Yahoo is probably for you! You will need to exercise top-quality writing skills while generating content. You need to understand that the number one reason content fails to rank on search engines is because of poor writing skills. You will have to write excellent and unique content, quickly and efficiently if you want to be successful. Writing forms almost 60% of your job at an SEO company.

Analytical Approach

Being equipped with tactics, knowing how to solve problems and resolve issues are few key factors that will ensure you success at this job. People who have a scientific or humanities background will be the most perfect candidates for this job. Fortunately, a number of universities these days that develop analytical people and if you are a recruiter hiring for a SEO company, you can choose graduates both arts and scientific courses.

Fast Learner

There are updates taking place in Google at the blink of an eye and SEO is ever changing. You need to be very attentive in what you do or else your professional world can upside down, similar to what happened with Google’s Penguin update in 2012. Your client could be kicked off Google for a significant period of time if you’re not a quick learner and assess information at the earliest as your contribution is vital. It is vital that you keep learning continuously and quickly to face any challenges that come your way.

Sharp Business Insight

It is meaningless to get your client ranked for a keyword unrelated to their business. As an SEO provider, your role will not just be getting your client ranked at the top, but to get them ranked for the right things. You will require a sharp business insight to choose relevant keywords that buyers are looking for.

Team Management

In SEO, team work is very important. Behind every successful and top ranking organization, there will be a team that works together for hundreds of hours to get it to the top. A good SEO manager’s job will be to hand over tasks and know how to get the best out of his/her team members. This will eventually ensure best results from everyone’s time and lead to better rankings for your clients.

Strategic Decision-making

Most of you will be familiar with combat action video games. For you to come out a winner, you’ll need to create and follow strategies accordingly. It is a similar scenario in SEO too. You will have to create a successful strategy and execute it efficiently. However, you need to be prepared well-ahead with backup theories in case a strategy isn’t working.
Tacticians who possess such innate skills will generally make the cut for getting employed in a top SEO company.