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Shepherd Bushiri


Pastor. Shepherd Huxley Bushiri (born 20 February 1983), known as “Major One” or “the Prophet”, is a Christian evangelical preacher from Malawi. He founded and leads a Christian church known as the Enlightened Christian Gathering, based in Pretoria, South Africa and with branches in other African countries.

Shepherd Bushiri Family

Shepherd Bushiri is married to Mary Bushiri affectionately referred to as ”Mama” or “mummy” by congregants with whom he has two daughters.

Shepherd Bushiri Childhood Biography & Net Worth
Shepherd Bushiri & Wife


EducationShepherd Bushiri Education The prophet got his education from Moyale Secondary School. It’s located in Mzuzu. His higher education degree was gotten from the Therapon University.

Shepherd Bushiri Source of Income

Bushiri was brought up in Mzuzu which is the northern part of Malawi. He runs an investment company, Shepherd Bushiri Investments, based in Sandton near Johannesburg, with interests in mining and other property.

He now owns four private planes. In response to questions over the source of his wealth, he has said

“I am a businessman and that is separate from being a prophet. My prosperity is from private businesses. Such questions are not asked from leaders of white churches but when an African man prospers, then it’s a problem..

Bushiri is founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG). He has established and leads churches in South Africa, malawi,Ghana and other countries. His gatherings, at which a range of merchandise is on sale, often attract tens of thousands of devotees.  He has been interviewed for television by the BBC, and received coverage also in Al Jazeera, New AfricanNigerian Tribune, and African Leadership magazine.

Shepherd Bushiri Childhood Biography & Net Worth

The ECG was closed down in Botswana in December 2017 for contravention of financial regulations, and Bushiri has been required to obtain a visa if he wishes to re-enter the country, even though this is not generally required of Malawians. The church has appealed against the decision.

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Bushiri is a spiritual son of multimillionaire businessman and leader of Spirit Embassy, prophet Uebert Angel.

The two are believed to be involved in joint ventures; in January and February 2018 news circulated the media about their trips to the United States, Malawi and Nigeria looking for investment opportunities.

With Bushiri being the most celebrated and popular Spiritual Son of Prophet Angel. Angel has other Spiritual sons including but not limited to Africa based Romeo Marom, Bulgaria based miracle worker Maksim Asenov, leader of Imperial City Church Isaiah Brian Sovi and South African based Apostle Miz Tancredi.

Shepherd Bushiri Net Worth

Shepherd Bushiri is one of the most famous and richest pastors in the world. He has gained his popularity and wealth by the spreading God`s words. His biography is a mystery for many people who try to dig deeper into it.

Shepherd Bushiri Criticism

The fees charged to attend some of Bushiri’s public dinners have been questioned. He charged up to R25,000 for a seat at his table at a gala dinner held on 23 December 2017 at the Pretoria Showground, and N$1,000 for entry to a dinner held in Windhoek, Namibia in January 2016.

Most of Bushiri’s claims such as “curing HIV” aren’t proven and have garnered large amounts of doubt towards his legitimacy, as a result Botswana has banned him from entering the country.

Bushiri in several interviews with major houses including BBC categorically said the “so called Gala dinners are fabricated stories by his enemies.”

Humanitarian activities:

Shepherd Bushiri helps millions of needy people with relief food in Malawi and education scholarships under a project called Project Hope.

Prophetic channel: Prophetic Channel is a satellite TV through which ECG reaches to millions of people across the global.

December, 31 2015: Cross over crusade

During the cross over crusade in 2015 Bushiri filled the largest FNB stadium in Africa. Records have it that FNB was once filled by Pastor Chris of Love World Ministries. The crusade which was also called “Lion of Judah” had over 100 000 followers gathered from across the globe.

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